Indie Authors Are You Taking Advantage of Shelfari?

Yeah I know, another social networking site to set up a profile on and keep track of?

But for authors, this one is significant. Shelfari is similar to GoodReads, but it's part of the empire and the extra data you get entered there will show up on your book pages at and in some cases on your author page (you have set up an author page at Author Central haven't you? For both .com and

You can't really push for reviews on, but you can on Shelfari. It will also let you link to your existing social networking friends. You can even help other authors by editing the info on their books.


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5 thoughts on “Indie Authors Are You Taking Advantage of Shelfari?”

  1. I feel sorry for poor Shelfari. It's a great site but I always seems to forget about. Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully, I'll be able to get out of the habit of viewing it as an after-thought.

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