HTC Rezound Now Only $199

You know at $100 less on contract and with Android 4.0 bound to arrive, the HTC Rezound is worth considering instead of the Galaxy Nexus.

It's a good, fast phone with a better camera than the Galaxy Nexus and a nice big HD screen.

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Verizon lowers the HTC Rezound's price to $199 on contract
The HTC Rezound on Verizon Wireless is the latest recipient of a price cut, bringing its 2 year contract price down to $199.

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2 thoughts on “HTC Rezound Now Only $199”

  1. Maybe I didn't need to see this, since my Desire Z works perfectly well--and I've been getting display envy with my husband's shiny new Galaxy Nexus that his work actually handed out for the holidays. *wry smile *

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