Has Stargate: Universe Turned The Corner?

Last night I watched the mid-season premiere of Stargate: Universe. Fan reaction to this show has been largely negative up to now. I don't like to put too much weight on fan reaction because the negatives always shout much louder than the positives. However, critical reaction has been mixed at best too. After last night though I'm wondering. Has Stargate: Universe turned the corner?

Well let's be honest a single episode isn't enough data to say if a show has turned the corner or not. But it's a start.

I've been watching Stargate: Universe since it started and I haven't hated it. But if it hadn't been automatically recorded on my DVR I might not have bothered. The show hasn't been bad, but it has been forgettable. Many of the characters felt under-developed and the plots have been rather generic. Perhaps most frustrating of all was that it really didn't feel like part of the Stargate franchise.

With "Space" though, Universe burst into life. The tension amongst the crew finally had a reason to exist beyond simply copying Battlestar Galactica. There was action. There were aliens. There was even the sense that elements of a larger plot were playing out in front of us. Granted we didn't actually see a Stargate used but this felt like a successor to SG-1 and Atlantis.

This is what I want to see more of in Stargate: Universe. Inter-crew conflict is fine so long as it flows from the ongoing storyline. Don't try too hard to be BSG, be Stargate. Be fun; have aliens; give me space battles.

Oh and keep building up the characters. You don't have to include all of them in every single episode. Focus on a handful each time so they can develop some deeper personalities.

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