Gorgeous Swashbuckling Fantasy Art

now_listen_to_me_by_kuzinskiy-d7a4bhkThe creator of this piece, Kuzinskiy Andrey, doesn't really give any information in terms of context for this bit of art beyond his title for it which is "Now Listen To Me". But the cool thing about that is you can let your imagination go dreaming up your own story for what exactly is going on here.

I'm a complete sucker for traditional fantasy tropes. I don't care of they are unoriginal or played out, they're just fun. And here we've got a swashbuckling heroine of some sort who might be defending a ship under attack. Or perhaps she is a pirate attacking the ship? SHe's carrying  lot of knives. A few too many to be entirely innocent. And who exactly is she facing. Friend? Foe?

I don't know.. but I would kind of like to find out.

Source: Deviantart - Now listen to me

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