Google+ Is Walking Dead (Or How To Troll For Clicks If You’re A Tech Blog)

In that past I have been… crit­ical… of the stan­dards of tech­nology jour­nalism on the web. There’s a reason for that. It’s shit.

It’s so bad it’s an insult to my and your intel­li­gence. It panders to partisan fanboys and trades in gossip. It passes off opinion as fact and flashy emotional language for actual content. It is the very defi­n­i­tion of hack­work. And that’s a crit­i­cism that applies broadly across many websites many of whom are suppos­edly “big” names in the industry.

The quality and stan­dard of tech jour­nalism is so low it’s just laughable.

And what brings on my latest rant on this topic? Well there’s an article on a well known tech site today about how Google+ is now The Walking Dead with Vic Gundotra’s depar­ture. I was expecting some­thing along these lines. Actu­ally the first ques­tion that popped into my head was how long before we got an article about how this is the end of G+… Because that’s how hacks think. No rational discus­sion of effects just… it’s the best ever… or it sucks… or it’s dead! Yes they are in fact a living embod­i­ment of The Simpson’s Comic­book Guy.

But the head­line was merely the start of the parade of incom­pe­tence. Appar­ently this website (no I’m not linking to them you can search and find the article if you must) has heard from “multiple source” (all anony­mous of course) that Gundotra was fired because G+ was such a failure. This of course is a direct contra­dic­tion of every­thing that Google has said publicly and what other Google employees have said. But obvious that anony­mous sources are more reli­able because there are “multiple” of them. Right? Right?

Oh… but they have further proof! There’s a new building at the Google campus and the G+ team are being moved into it! Ooookay.…

It does sound like there may be some realign­ment going on with the Photos and Hang­outs teams being asso­ci­ated with Android rather than G+ (not exaclty a huge stretch given that… you know they’re already on Android) but based on actual facts there’s nothing here that points to anything beyond the sort of restruc­turing that big compa­nies do constantly. Except that’s a boring headline.

And there’s a big reve­la­tion (there’s always a big reve­la­tion). Appar­ently Google’s new plan is to make G+ a back­bone. A plat­form rather than a service. This is actu­ally true… since 2011.

This is how you do tech jour­nalism in 2014. Take notes people. You too could spout igno­rant suppo­si­tion as fact and be famous!

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