Golden Age Style Batman & Robin Batcave Map

batcave_sprang_smQuick Robin, to the Batcave!

This gorgeous map of the Batcave shows exactly how Batman manages to fit all his cars, boats, heli­copters and planes in. No, seri­ously there’s a plane in the Batcave. There’s a whole runway in fact.

This lith­o­graph is titled Secrets of the Batcave and it was drawn by Dick Sprang back in 1995 (sadly Sprang passed away in 2000). Sprang  drew a large number of Batman and Detec­tive Comics issues between 1943 and 1962 though during that period every­thing was basi­cally cred­ited to Bob Kane.

I love the golden age style here and the larger than life imprac­ti­cality of this Batcave.

Source: Dick Sprang’s ‘Secrets of the Batcave’ Art Is An Ency­clo­pedia of Bat-History

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