Glee: Hell-O Thoughts

Glee is back and I've been looking forward to it for weeks. Oddly enough it seems like the Glee hype has actually increased while the series has been on hiatus. What I've been wondering though is how they were going to handle things since they wrapped all the storylines up so neatly.

Turns out they had a simple solution to that. Reset. Sue Sylvester is back (good), the Glee club has to win or their shut down again. In fact with the exception of Will Schuester's marriage, pretty much all the progress made up to now.

And that really ought to irritate me. But it sort of doesn't matter. As a series Glee isn't really grounded in reality. For a start it's a musical. The staged musical numbers require a suspension of disbelief well beyond the average drama or even comedy. It certainly isn't an indepth exploration of student life. Is it a bit of a cheat? Sure, but I'm good with it if it gets us back to an entertaining status quo.

Really every week the storyline is a variation on the same thing. Someone quits, or might be forced out and by the end they've realized they need to stick together. What matters though is the funny dialogue, the over-the top characters and of course the wonderful musical numbers. How can you not love a show with lines like:

"We have to wear sunscreen on stage, but it's worth it" or
"dolphins are just gay sharks"

It's not great drama. It's just pure fun.

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