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So +Damian Trasler tells me that his book Science Fiction Shorts, which is a book of short science fiction stories (you see what he did there?) is free on Amazon at the moment.

How much did you say it was? Yup I said Free. That's almost the same as nothing. But slightly less than 1.

Anyway... Clicky and buy. What have you got to lose?

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8 thoughts on “Get Science Fiction Shorts For Free”

  1. +Damian Trasler If you search by your name on the uk kindle store there are 4 titles: Twist Stiffly and the Hounds of Zenit Emoga, Coffee Time Tales,Writing a Play for the Amateur Stage and Science Fiction Shorts. and 2 more that are in the normal store: The Loss of Atlantis and Work in Progress (huh) which says "sign in to be notified when this is available." Are all these your titles?

  2. Wow +Andrew Bedford , you're doing your research! Yes, they're all me. The Twist Stiffly individual story is included in Sci-Fi shorts (which is free today), so don't buy that one. Coffee Time tales is a collection of shorts for women's magazines (female-centric), which isn't to say you won't like them, but you should know in advance. Writing a play is a book on writing plays, which is what I do for real money. Work in Progress and Loss of Atlantis will never be available on Amazon, but are available online from They're short plays.

  3. +Damian Trasler Cool thanks for that. Confession time, I couldn't get your book by searching for the title but when i did a search by your name it showed up, along with all the others. I'm a book-aholic anyway, I even read food ingredient labels if I have nothing else to read lol!! Part of being an Aspie i guess

  4. That doesn't sound like anything to be ashamed of! I remember realising the moment I discovered that I couldn't avoid reading things - that any words I saw would be read...Posters on the underground, labels, signs, graffiti, whatever. I think it's amazing that an artificial communication system can become a natural reaction.

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