Gender Switched Supernatural Cosplay — Death

Thespn_fem_death_cosplay_by_shahanamikagi-d7ptlqn TV Show Super­nat­ural actu­ally had one of the best humanoid incar­na­tions of Death that I’ve seen in any visual media. A large part of that came down to the choice of Julian Rich­ings to play the char­acter. A combi­na­tion of his gaunt features and the dry weary tones with which he deliv­ered the lines made for a distinc­tive but entirely believ­able death.

Some of these elements are not things that can be easily captured in cosplay. Partic­u­larly when you pull a gender switch on the character.

ShahanaMikagi has done a great job here with the visuals of the char­acter as presented in Super­nat­ural. From the obvious ones like the cane and the clothing to the expres­sion on her face in this photo. Having the shadow “wings” int he back­ground is just the icing on the cake.

Source: Deviantart — SPN_Fem!Death Coslay

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