Gender Switched Supernatural Cosplay — Death

Thespn_fem_death_cosplay_by_shahanamikagi-d7ptlqn TV Show Supernatural actually had one of the best humanoid incarnations of Death that I've seen in any visual media. A large part of that came down to the choice of Julian Richings to play the character. A combination of his gaunt features and the dry weary tones with which he delivered the lines made for a distinctive but entirely believable death.

Some of these elements are not things that can be easily captured in cosplay. Particularly when you pull a gender switch on the character.

ShahanaMikagi has done a great job here with the visuals of the character as presented in Supernatural. From the obvious ones like the cane and the clothing to the expression on her face in this photo. Having the shadow "wings" int he background is just the icing on the cake.

Source: Deviantart - SPN_Fem!Death Coslay

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