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That’s LEGO, not LEGOS…

I loved LEGO as a child. My children love LEGO. And it turns out I still love LEGO even if I couldn’t possibly afford some of the amazing sets that they bring out.

What I particularly like those is the imaginative and artistic creations that LEGO builders come up with and I like to showcase them here.

The King of the Golden Hall LEGO Lord of the Rings — Then King of the Golden Hall

LEGO builder Cameron Wilson has constructed this lovely version of Edoras (King Theoden’s capital in Rohan) from The Lord of the Rings and it’s a wonderful bit of work. I strongly recom­mend you click through to Wilson’s post where he has a bunch more detail photos (including inside the hall where Gandalf faces down Worm­tongue) and a surprising easter … Continue reading LEGO Lord of the Rings — Then King of the Golden Hall

14514644885_f4df0534e0_k LEGO Superman

LEGO minifig­ures are cute, but some­times you want to go bigger when you’re building a figure. Which is exactly what Riccardo Zangelmi has done here. Presenting The Last LEGO Son of Krypton… Kal-El or Superman. This doesn’t qualify as a full statue and so by neces­sity it’s mini­malist on the details but the figure is instantly recog­nis­able and … Continue reading LEGO Superman

14491730834_f173e719c1_o LEGO History — Rorke’s Drift

As well as all the cool fantas­tical stuff that people come up with and the archi­tec­ture builds, you also get some histor­ical dioramas built out of LEGO. Like this recre­ation of the battle of Rorke’s Drift in which approx­i­mately 150 British and Colo­nial troops held out against 3,000 — 4,000 Zulu warriors. An impres­sive feat by anyone’s stan­dards … Continue reading LEGO History — Rorke’s Drift