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Disney Fan Art — Hook, The World's Most Famous Crook

Time for another great bit of Disney fan art. This time round it's Captain Hook who's getting the treat­ment. To be honest I've never really looked on him as a crook precisely, though he is clearly a villain. But that's just me and its beside the point. This artwork by ReddyArts gives us Captain Hook […]

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Looking At The Design And Technology Of The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

So today is the day that The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train offi­cially opens in the Magic Kingdom. A cause for great excite­ment amongst Disney Theme Park fans and marking the final comple­tion of the New Fanta­sy­land project after approx­i­mately 1 billion years (it's possible I'm exag­ger­ating slightly). All of which is pretty cool in itself. […]

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The Frozen / Thriller Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Frozen / Thriller Mashup You've Been Waiting For!

What do you mean you haven't been waiting for it? Oh quit fussing, at least it's not yet another Let It Go parody! Is it just me or is Disney's Frozen gener­ating mashups and paro­dies and an excep­tion­ally high rate anyway? This time round we get to see Anna, Elsa and co dance to Michael Jackson's […]

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