Marvel Comics Cosplay — SpiderGwen

I'll be honest, I don't entirely get the internet's sudden fascination with SpiderGwen. She's an entirely derivative character (even more so than the original Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk were. She worked well as part of the Spider-verse story where the idea as to have a million variations on Spider-Man, but she's not really a compelling character in her own right. Basically she's Peter Parker only a girl and she exists in an alternate timeline. What makes her better than the 725 previous Spider-girl/woman/females that Marvel has come up with I don't know. All that said, I do like this bit of cosplay as photographed by WhiteLemon.

Star Wars / Disney Mashup Cosplay — Meet Snowbafett

Now I'm on record (repeatedly) on the subject of just how lame a  character Boba Fett actually is. Third worst in the entire Star Wars universe isn't hyperbole. That's actually where I think he ranks. Fett has one thing and one thing only going for him. He looks pretty cool (in a 70s sort of way). So Amber Arden's costume (as photographed here by Estrada Photography) takes the one good thing about Fett and makes it massively cooler by combining it with a Disney Princess. Snow White to be specific. Not only does she give the Mandalorean armor the correct color scheme, she's even put a bow on the helmet! …Read more  »

Gender Switched Supernatural Cosplay — Death

The TV Show Supernatural actually had one of the best humanoid incarnations of Death that I've seen in any visual media. A large part of that came down to the choice of Julian Richings to play the character. A combination of his gaunt features and the dry weary tones with which he delivered the lines made for a distinctive but entirely believable death. Some of these elements are not things that can be easily captured in cosplay. Particularly when you pull a gender switch on the character. ShahanaMikagi has done a great job here with the visuals of the character as presented in Supernatural. From the obvious ones like the cane …Read more  »

LEGO Star Wars Cosplay — LEGO Boba Fett

How about that for a geek triumvirate headline? Yes this is a cosplay of the LEGO Star Wars minifigure of the galaxy's least competent bounty hunter Boba Fett as lovingly created by CGS1 for his son. Even I think it's really cool and I think Boba Fett is the third lamest character in Star Wars. It's probably the most convincing LEGO minifigure cosplay I've seen to date Source: TheDentedHelmet - LEGO Boba Fett Costume

Dungeons & Dragons Cosplay — Presto The Magician

I really like it when I see unusual cosplay. Either popular characters reinterpreted in a new way or more obscure characters brought to life. Presto The Magician falls into that second category. I know some of you will remember the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the early 1980s but I think it's fair to say we're a minority at this point. It was a fun show though and I think above average for a kids cartoon. Presto the Magician (yes called a magician rather than Magic User) was a well meaning but frequently ineffectual hero who's magic basically consisted of pulling things from his hat. Anyway... it was a fun …Read more  »

Doctor Who Cosplay — 10th Doctor and Martha Jones

David Tennant's Tenth Doctor shows Martha Jones his screwdriver in this cosplay and they both find it very interesting indeed. What? He does! They do! Silliness aside, I like this cosplay it captures the characters without being too slavish to every tiny detail. It's been well posed in a way that fits the two characters and the photograph is effectively composed. Unfortunately I often see what is good cosplay spoiled (for online presentation) by a poorly composed photograph. Source: DeviantArt - Fascinating screwdriver

How To Train Your Dragon Cosplay — Astrid Has A Big Axe

A very, very big axe in this cosplay by Tarah-Rex, photographed by Micktography. I'd say this is more How To Train Your Dragon 2 Astrid, but either way the costume is great and the expression on her face perfect for the character. I like the photograph too. My only quibble is the over-exposure of the sky which leads to her hair blending into it. I'm not sure if that was deliberate artistic intent, but I don't care for it either way. Source: Facebook - Micktography: Astrid

DC Comics Cosplay — The Question

You don't see too many people cosplaying as The Question. Perhaps it's just because he is a comparatively obscure comics character. Or perhaps it's because the costume is so basic. Beyond the "faceless" mask there's not a lot to hang your costuming on really I guess. But he is the inspiration for Rorschach after all and he had a pretty good run in his own comic at DC back in the late 80s. Since then... things have gotten a bit weirder. I was okay with Renee Montoya picking up the mantle, but the new 52 cosmic reboot leaves me shaking my head. Here' they've gone for the noir tone of the …Read more  »

Marvel Comics Cosplay — Spider-Girl

While there are lot of excellent cosplays out there you do tend to see the same characters coming up again and again because...well... they are popular characters. Which makes sense if you're cosplaying. But it does get a bit samey. So I keep my eyes open for something a little different. Like the latest cosplay by Linda Le of Spider-Girl. That is the Anya Corazon Spider-Girl. She originally went by the name Araña with a different costume before changing to Spider-Girl. The costume she's now wearing is a variant on the costume worn by the second Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) who later changed her name to Arachne. There is another Spider-Girl as …Read more  »

DC Comics Cosplay — Classic Catwoman

Now here's a Catwoman costume you don't see very often these days. Catwoman actually wore this costume in the comics for decades. If I remember correctly it didn't change until Frank Miller's Batman: Year One storyline, so after the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot to continuity. Certainly it does look a little dated and impractical in some ways, but it's still a cool design. And as a cosplay this is really well done. The costume is a close match for the comics and it's well posed and photographed. I might suggest that they went overboard in the Photoshop touchup and have processed Jna's skin so it now looks a little plastic, but …Read more  »

DC Comics Cosplay — Donna Troy

Poor Donna Troy, she's currently lost somewhere in comics limbo having yet to re-surface since DC Comics did their big New 52 reboot. Can I mention yet again what a freaking awful name that is by the way? She was originally Wonder Girl, took on the mantle of Wonder Woman for a brief period and  that's probably what doomed her. DC doesn't treat their second generation legacy heroes very well. What seems to happen is they get squeezed out by the return of the originals and their sidekick status is also lost because the newer sidekicks are retained. From a cosplay perspective Donna Troy is something of a tough one …Read more  »

Saga Cosplay — Prince Robot IV

Here's a really ambitious bit of cosplay. The photograph was taken by @luckycreature on Twitter, but I don't know who actually did the cosplay. For those who aren't familiar Prince Robot IV is a character in the excellent sci-fantasy comic book series Saga written by Brian K. Vaughn, drawn by Fiona Staples and published by Image Comics. If you haven't read it you should. Now. I'll wait. What's a really nice touch here is that the cosplayer managed to have Prince Robot's head functioning. Source: Twitter - @LuckyCreature

Disney / Star Wars Cosplay — Slave Jasmine

Okay so this is a Disney / Star Wars crossover, but it's also now a Disney/Disney crossover. And technically both of the characters are Disney Princesses. Combining Jasmine from Aladdin and Princess Leia in her Slave Leia costume does seem to work very well. Beside the slave Leia costume is just geek classic. The stuffed tiger is an amusing touch too.Clever and funny cosplay by MomoKurumi. Source: - Slave Leia Jasmin by MomoKurumi

Marvel Cinematic Universe Cosplay — Loki

Short of actually getting Tom Hiddleston to come and wear a Loki costume and then photographing it I think this is about as faithful and accurate a rendition of Loki from the Marvel Studios movies as you can ask for. The costume is great, the expression on Loki's face is excellent and the photography by Pugoffka-Sama is really nicely done. Source: DeviantArt -  Loki of Agard by Pugoffka-Sama

Harry Potter Cosplay — Bellatrix Lestrange

Cosplayer Alena-Koshkar notes that her cosplay is technically flawed due to having the incorrect wand for Bellatrix Lestrange. Personally I feel that's a relatively minor detail and what's more important is capturing the feeling and spirit of the character. And on those grounds I'd say this bit of cosplay does an excellent job. Lestrange was easily the craziest of the Death Eaters. Source: - Bellatrix Lestrange by Alena-Koshkar

Marvel Comics Cosplay — The Six Pack

Okay well technically since there's only three of them here it's not the Six Pack, but they were all members of that mercenary group so allow me to take a small liberty. Anyway The Portrait Dude has some great and imaginative cosplay photography on his Facebook page and this photo of Domino, Deadpool and Cable is one of them. Source: Facebook - The Portrait Dude

Final Fantasy Cosplay — Lulu

Another videogame cosplay, but this time from a game I'm very familiar with. Final Fantasy X was a major step up in terms of the graphics and having voice actors for the major characters. As a result the characters tend to stick in your mind. Like Lulu here. As cosplayed by stylechameleon. The costume is recreated in detail, the scene is well chosen and posed. And throwing a cactuar in as well is just a lovely touch.   Source: Deviantart - Cactuar Attack

Video Game Cosplay — Adjutant From StarCraft 2

The majority of my cosplay posts are sci-fi, fantasy, comic book or Disney related for the simple reason that then I know what I'm talking about. There's also a lot of video game cosplay out there, but since I'm not much of a gamer these days, it's not something that jumps out at me in the same way. There are exceptions though. Like this cosplay by ChrixDesign. Again I'm only marginally familiar with the source material, but the work that must have gone into recreating this design outside of a game is impressive. Source: Deviantart - Adjutant from StarCraft 2

LEGO Movie Cosplay — Benny The Spaceman and Bad Cop

There's not nearly enough LEGO cosplay in the world, but it does seem like it's a growing trend. Spurred at least in part by the awesome LEGO Movie. And both of the characters here: Bad Cop and Benny the 1980s Spaceman are heavily featured in that movie. Both of these costumes are brilliant, but they can't be comfortable to move around in. Source: Deviantart - Benny Cosplay and Bad Cop

Star Was Cosplay — Mara Jade Skywalker

I realized I hadn't posted any good Star Wars cosplay in some time so I'm hastily rectifying that terrible situation. I'm not clear what Mara Jade's status is in Star Wars continuity now that large chunks of the EU have been jettisoned. I guess we find out if she's married to Luke Skywalker when Episode VII comes out. Either way she's played a substantial role in the EU books despite not being seen in any of the movies or the animated series and this cosplay by Queen Azshara captures the look and attitude very well. Source: Deviantart - Mara Jade Skywalker

X-Men Cosplay — Bishop

Back in the early nineties when Bishop was first introduced into the X-Men titles I thought he was really cool. Over the year's they've squandered a lot of what I liked about the character. And the less said about the whole shooting Professor X and chasing after a baby mutant the better. But I still have a soft spot for the character. And the version cosplayed here reminds me of better times (well for the character at least). Source: Flickr - Fanime 2014: Bishop

Disney Cosplay — Gender Switched Aladdin

Okay this is a great (and athletic) bit of gender switched cosplay from Gennadia giving us a female interpretation of the Aladdin character. The costume is effective, but simple enough. Aladdin's costume isn't particularly complex after all. It's really the posing and photography here that puts this image over the top. Source: DeviantArt - Female Aladdin