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10 Pieces Of Gorgeous Middle-Earth Artwork

The writ­ings of J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired a lot of people over the years in many different ways. Perhaps the biggest impact would simply be the amount of fantasy writing that has been produced as a result of The Lord Of The Rings. But there's also been a lot of artwork produced inspired by his creation of Middle-Earth.

Here I'm picking out ten really gorgeous, but very different pieces of Middle-Earth inspired art for you to enjoy. All of this art is avail­able to look at on Deviantart and I would strongly encourage you to go and browse the rest of the artists work. It will be rewarding.

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Ravenloft Walkthrough Poster Map

Okay this is kind of fabu­lous. One of the most highly regarded adven­ture modules for the orig­inal Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ( #AD&D ) was Ravenloft by Laury and Tracy Hickman. It was well beyond the norm (at the time) when it came to atmos­phere and story­telling. Well Jason Thompson has procuded an illus­trated walk­through of that module (and several others) which is avail­able as a poster. The 18" x 36" print is absolutely packed with humorous details like those in the detail section posted above. Source: Ravenloft Walk­through Map Print #Dungeon­sAnd­Dragons #Ravenloft #RPG #Tracy­Hickman #Dungeons&Dragons

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Boba Fett vs. Predator Artwork

<img class="alignleft wp-image-119925" src="" alt="locked_in_by_thefreshdoodle-d7zgqkp" width="800" height="591" data-wp-pid="119925" />So here's some really cool artwork by artist JP Valder­rama which he calls Locked In. On the surface it looks as though Boba Fett has this Predator in his sights. But then you remember that Boba Fett can't shoot much better than a StormTrooper and is in fact … Read More…

Marvel Fan Art — Hulk vs. Thing

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-119894" src="" alt="the_thing_vs_hulk_by_uncannyknack-d7u0s7h" width="675" height="1200" data-wp-pid="119894" />Perhaps one of the longest running rival­ries in Marvel Comics… in super­hero comics as a whole, is The Incred­ible Hulk vs. The Thing. Going all the way back to Fantastic Four #12 and perhaps more signif­i­cantly their full on battle in Fantastic Four #25. Hulk is clearly the … Read More…
From The Shire To The Sea

Beautiful Middle-Earth Art — From The Shire To The Sea

<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-119881">Not only is this a really beau­tiful painting by Joe Gilronan but there's so much going on that you have to take your time and let your eyes sweep gently over it. Obvi­ously starting in the Shire at Bag End, the painting takes us on a tour of western Middle-Earth stop­ping by Riven­dell, Gondor, The … Read More…