DC Comics Fan Art — Supergirl

With a Supergirl tv series on air and doing rather well in the ratings so far I thought it would be nice to post some DC Comics Supergirl fan art. Turns out finding good Supergirl fan art is actually quite a challenge. This one, which is directly inspired by the new show, does a good job of capturing both the actress and character I think. There's a certain impishness shining through. Source: DeviantArt - Supergirl! by JGiampietro    

Lost Boy

So now you know what we are, and now you know what you are. You'll never grow old Michael and you'll never die... But you must feed. Great bit of ink work by Daniel Govar here. Really captured the attitude of the character I think. Source: DeviantArt  

10 Pieces Of Gorgeous Middle-Earth Artwork

The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired a lot of people over the years in many different ways. Perhaps the biggest impact would simply be the amount of fantasy writing that has been produced as a result of The Lord Of The Rings.  But there's also been a lot of artwork produced inspired by his creation of Middle-Earth. Here I'm picking out ten really gorgeous, but very different pieces of Middle-Earth inspired art for you to enjoy. All of this art is available to look at on Deviantart and I would strongly encourage you to go and browse the rest of the artists work. It will be rewarding. Zirakzigil by …Read more  »

Ravenloft Walkthrough Poster Map

  Okay this is kind of fabulous. One of the most highly regarded adventure modules for the original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ( #AD&D ) was Ravenloft by Laury and Tracy Hickman. It was well beyond the norm (at the time) when it came to atmosphere and storytelling. Well Jason Thompson has procuded an illustrated walkthrough of that module (and several others) which is available as a poster. The 18" x 36" print is absolutely packed with humorous details like those in the detail section posted above. Source: Ravenloft Walkthrough Map Print #DungeonsAndDragons #Ravenloft #RPG #TracyHickman #Dungeons&Dragons

Boba Fett vs. Predator Artwork

So here's some really cool artwork by artist JP Valderrama which he calls Locked In. On the surface it looks as though Boba Fett has this Predator in his sights. But then you remember that Boba Fett can't shoot much better than a StormTrooper and is in fact the worst bounty hunter in the entire galaxy. So then you realize that this Predator is going to rip Fett to shreds. I love the style of the art work though. The background with its muted greys and blues really contrasts with the splashes of color on Fett and the laser sight. And the way the color has been allowed to streak gives …Read more  »

Marvel Fan Art — Hulk vs. Thing

Perhaps one of the longest running rivalries in Marvel Comics... in superhero comics as a whole, is The Incredible Hulk vs. The Thing. Going all the way back to Fantastic Four #12 and perhaps more significantly their full on battle in Fantastic Four #25. Hulk is clearly the stronger of the two (by a log way) although Thing has never quite been prepared to admit that fact. This artwork by uncannyknack shows the two titans going one on one right in the middle of a city and while they're both in good shape, everything else is collapsing around them. Remarkably this powerful art is billed as a work in progress. Source: …Read more  »

Beautiful Middle-Earth Art — From The Shire To The Sea

Not only is this a really beautiful painting by Joe Gilronan but there's so much going on that you have to take your time and let your eyes sweep gently over it. Obviously starting in the Shire at Bag End, the painting takes us on a tour of western Middle-Earth stopping by Rivendell, Gondor, The Argonath and the Grey Havens, all while the baleful Eye of Sauron glares down. Gilronan is a professional artist apparently and has produced quite a lot of Tolkien inspired artwork. All of it definitely worth checking out so click through the link. You also want to make sure you take a look at the full size …Read more  »

Star Wars Fan Art — Darth Talon Will Make You Tremble

Darth Talon for those who don't track all the details of the assorted books and comics is a Lethan Twi'lek who became a Sith Lady as part of Darth Krayt's One Sith (so says Wookiepedia). This all happens 100 or so years after the fall of the Emperor so you can safely assume it's not canon any more and ignore it. As shown here in this image by daRoz though she is pretty awe inspiring don't you think? Not someone to mess with unless you have a death wish judging by the look she's giving. Really moody bit of artwork and the skin looks like skin not a costume. Source: Deviantart - …Read more  »

Minion Captain Jack Sparrow Artwork

I love a good mashup and this is a good mashup. What do you get when you cross Despicable Me with the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well naturally you get a Captain Jack Sparrow. This rather excellent drawing was done by AtomiccircuS using markers and color pencils. I think he's done a great job of capturing the look of Captain Jack while still making this a suitably miniony minion. Source: DeviantArt - Minion Captain Jack Sparrow

Awesome Firefly Fan Art

I think it's been too long since I posted some good Firefly fan art. So let's rectify that immediately. This group scene of the entire Serenity crew by Lucas-Zebroski features some really good character work. The cartoony style really works for this piece and the interactions and poses of the characters fit with what we saw in the series. Source: Deviantart - Firefly by Lucas-Zebroski

Middle-Earth Fan Art — Color Map of Beleriand

I love maps of Middle-Earth. Whether it's Tolkien's own maps or the ones in the Atlas of Middle-Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad. The thing about these sorts of maps is that not only can you plot out where things in J.R.R. Tolkien's epics happened, but they stimulate the imagination for further adventures. So imagine just how much I like this large full color map of Beleriand (from the First Age of Middle-Earth) and it's illustration of all the places that are talked about in The Silmarillion. It's a beautiful piece of work by Sirelle. Make sure to look at the full size version of this or you're missing out on a …Read more  »

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan Art — The Slayers

I'm currently doing a re-watch of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I'm not even half way through season 2 yet so I'm just at the point where it starts to get good really. Which means two of the three slayers shown in this image haven't put in their appearance yet. But I'm looking forward to it, because it's been several years since I watched the show last. I think inkscribble has done a great job of capturing the likenesses of Buffy, Faith and Kendra (poor Kendra) here. Source: Deviantart - Slayers by inkscribble

Fan Art — Cthulhu Rises

So I've shared various Cthulhu related images and objects in the past. But they've mostly been cutesy or jokey versions of The Great Old One. Which while fun and cool isn't quite in the spirit of the source material. Lovecraft after all was undoubtedly writing horror stories and christmas tree tentacles aren't that horrific. So in an effort to balance the scales a little I give you this image by glooh which shows a suitably imposing vision of Great Cthulhu rising from the water. You would not want to be on a ship when this guy showed up. Source: Deviantart -  Cthulhu by glooh

Marvel Comics Fan Art — Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

Well I guess technically this would be Nick Fury Jr. if we're going by the comic books rather than the movies. Yes, in order to bring the comic universe closer in line with the cinematic universe without actually killing off an iconic (to comic book nerds) character like Nick Fury, Marvel introduced Nick Fury's son (conveniently named Nick Fury Jr.) a couple of years ago. While the whole "he had a son" thing was pretty hockey, the character is solid enough and we still get to see classic Nick Fury from time to time so I'm okay with it. I like the dynamism of FantasticMystery's interpretation of the character. He's very …Read more  »

Death Star + Balloons = Pixar / Star Wars Mashup Tattoo

Okay that's pretty cool. I only share tattoos occasionally because I'm not really into them as a general rule. But sometimes the design just looks so good or the idea is so clever they need sharing. And this is one of those. What do you get if you combine Star Wars and Pixar's UP? Well obviously you get a partially built Death Star being floated by a bunch of balloons. Source: Reddit - Death Star: pics

Middle-Earth Fan Art — The Seaport of Umbar

While Tolkien fleshed out the north western corner of Middle-Earth in meticulous detail, he had much less to say about the south and east.  We get a few references here and there from characters in The Lord of the Rings and they are references in the Appendices. We learn a little bit more in The Silmarillion but they are a fairly blank slate. One of the locations that is mentioned though is the port city of Umbar which is where the Corsairs sail from to attack Minas Tirith. With such scant material to work from, artists are mostly left up to their own imaginations when it comes to this part …Read more  »

Disney Fan Art — Elsa Drawn On Let It Go Sheet Music

You might think that people would be starting to run out of ways to riff on Disney's Frozen and the song Let It Go. But, apparently, not yet. Andrew Place drew this sketch of Elsa from Frozen using colored pencils  and sharpie directly onto the sheet music for the song Let It Go. Admittedly the result does technically make the sheet music unusable but it's very nice never the less and a cute conceit I think given how closely that song is associated with that character. The man's talents span well beyond Disney fan art mind you and if you enjoy geek culture images, his DeviantArt page is definitely worth …Read more  »

Marvel Fan Art — Captain America: Buy War Bonds

Another thematically appropriate post from me today. This fan art of Captain America by jiuge was done a couple of years ago but it's new to me. The good Captain is an obvious subject for a July 4th piece and this one certainly amps up the patriotic symbolism with the flag and eagle in the background too. It's well composed, but above all it's really well textured, from the material that Cap is wearing to the metallic sheen of his indestructible shield. Throwing in the "Buy War Bonds" text at the top fits in with Captain America's war time origins too. Source: Deviantart - Captain America Happy July 4th

Marvel Comics Fan Art — X-Men vs. Sentinels

You may have noticed that I post a lot of X-men related artwork. There are very simple reasons for this. 1) Comics are cool 2) The X-Men are cool Any questions? No? Good... let's move on and discuss this particular bit of X-Men artwork by jebedai which features Cyclops and Wolverine facing down a battalion of Sentinels. What do I like about this? Well for a start it's 90's style Cyclops (you know back before he became an asshole). Then there's the classic giant purple Sentinels. Also I really like that the coloring doesn't cover up the scratchy line work of the art. That style adds a certain energy to …Read more  »

Wonderful Doctor Who / Muppets Fan Art Mashup

Eleven regenerations of the Doctor all interpreted as a different Muppet character. And I've got to say that in almost every single case lissyleem has nailed it with a combination that seems right for that particular Doctor. The first two are even done in black and white. I'm trying to pick a favorite and it's not easy at all. Sam Eagle as the First Doctor and BeaBeakker as the 11th Doctor are really spot on, but the others are so good too. I wonder who she might choose to portray the 12th Doctor? Source: Deviant Art - Final Doctor Muppets

Marvel Comics Fan Art — The Original X-Men

So I have to admit to a bias in that I am very fond of the original X-Men team. More so than any line-up since then including Claremont and Byrne's "All New X-Men". But what really appeals to me about this image by Don Davis is that it has such an old school feel to it. From the poses, to the expressions on their faces to the bright color that Davis has used, this is the sort of image I can completely see appearing on the cover of a 1960s X-Men comic book. Old school is not necessarily a bad thing. Source: Deviantart - The Original X-Men by Don Davis

Gorgeous Swashbuckling Fantasy Art

The creator of this piece, Kuzinskiy Andrey, doesn't really give any information in terms of context for this bit of art beyond his title for it which is "Now Listen To Me". But the cool thing about that is you can let your imagination go dreaming up your own story for what exactly is going on here. I'm a complete sucker for traditional fantasy tropes. I don't care of they are unoriginal or played out, they're just fun. And here we've got a swashbuckling heroine of some sort who might be defending a ship under attack. Or perhaps she is a pirate attacking the ship? SHe's carrying  lot of knives. …Read more  »

Disney Fan Art — Hades/Elsa.… Hellsa?

Elsa from Frozen and Hades from Disney's Hercules are both characters with blue based color schemes. So what happens if you merge the two? Well... possibly something like this drawing by AtomiccircuS. All in all I think it's a pretty effective blending of the two characters. I'd say that Elsa was probably dominant in terms of the facial features, but the look on her face, the hair and elements of the clothing all come from Hades. Source: DeviantArt.com - Elsa/Hades Crossover

Star Wars Cover Art — X-Wing Rogue Squadron #22

John Nadeau did a lot of pencil and cover artwork for Dark Horse Comics Star Wars comics in the 90s. This is a copy of the painted cover for Star Was: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #22 without all the text getting in the way of the gorgeous visuals. That particular issue was released back in September of 1997 and was the second part of a four part story called In The Empire's Service. On the world of Brentaal, Imperial General Isoto prepares for a Rebel assault. His goal: not to save the planet, or even the Imperial base, but to save himself. Isoto has the best shield there is, the Empire's …Read more  »