Gaming Stats Infographic

Some things you may or may not know about gaming.

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Safe Gaming
Infographic detailing why gaming and gamers are becoming more acceptable.

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14 thoughts on “Gaming Stats Infographic”

  1. I know guys (and gals) who will spend hours gaming. They get home from work and spend the next 4-5 hours gaming. They spend their entire weekend gaming. That level of gaming just isn't for me at this stage of life. I like something that I can play for 30-60 minutes at a time and then go do something else. I'm not looking to master a game, I'm just looking to have fun.

  2. Playing Zelda on a Wii is equally ''gaming' as playing it on any other console.

    And it seems perfectly normal for a lot of people to sit themselves in front of the tv for 4-5 hours in an evening.

  3. +Cathryn Orchard Yes, many people do spend 4-5 hours in front of the tv every evening. I'm not one of them. I watch about 5-7 hours of television a week, including what I watch on Netflix and Hulu. I have nothing against hardcore gamers. I'm just not one of them anymore.

  4. I'm sure I spend more time watching tv than gaming, but part of that is because the TV doesn't require the uninterrupted concentration that more serious games require.

  5. I think there's some snobbery in the gaming community. If you spend 5 hours a day gaming, you're a gamer. If you spend 5 hours a month gaming, you're not a gamer.

  6. My mum probably plays around 3 hours of Bejewelled sytle games in an evening and I am sure she wouldn't consider herself a 'gamer'. I am going to make her a 'hardcore casual gamer' t-shirt since I like the seeming contradiction.

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