Funko POP Tyrion and Joffrey Vinyl Dolls

Funko POPFunko POP Tyrion has quite a range of deceptively cute vinyl Game of Thrones dolls on sale these days. I've been eyeing them for a while and feeling increasingly tempted.

So when I saw these two on the shelves in a store the other day, well yeah I had to get them.

I like the fact that the Tyrion doll is actually smaller than Joffrey. That's an important detail even when the head of the character is as big as the rest of the body! Doesn't he look cute with his little battleaxe?

Now some of you might be wondering why on earth I would pick Joffrey Lannister as my second doll given that Joffrey is a spoilt psychopathic brat of a boy. Well mainly it's because there are few characters in all of fiction that have so successfully made me loathe them. A really good story needs a really good villain after all. And that sort of effort deserves a reward. Even if the reward is simply purchasing the character in vinyl doll form.

Funko POP JoffreyWhich doll do you like better: Tyrion Lannister  or Joffrey Lannister?

The really big question though is.... which characters should I add to my collection next? The dragons are cute, but I don't actually like Daenerys, so that's a slight problem I guess. But not insurmountable!

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