Funko POP Tyrion

Funko POP Tyrion and Joffrey Vinyl Dolls

Funko POPFunko POP Tyrion has quite a range of decep­tively cute vinyl Game of Thrones dolls on sale these days. I’ve been eyeing them for a while and feeling increas­ingly tempted.

So when I saw these two on the shelves in a store the other day, well yeah I had to get them.

I like the fact that the Tyrion doll is actu­ally smaller than Joffrey. That’s an impor­tant detail even when the head of the char­acter is as big as the rest of the body! Doesn’t he look cute with his little battleaxe?

Now some of you might be wondering why on earth I would pick Joffrey Lannister as my second doll given that Joffrey is a spoilt psycho­pathic brat of a boy. Well mainly it’s because there are few char­ac­ters in all of fiction that have so success­fully made me loathe them. A really good story needs a really good villain after all. And that sort of effort deserves a reward. Even if the reward is simply purchasing the char­acter in vinyl doll form.

Funko POP JoffreyWhich doll do you like better: Tyrion Lannister  or Joffrey Lannister?

The really big ques­tion though is.… which char­ac­ters should I add to my collec­tion next? The dragons are cute, but I don’t actu­ally like Daen­erys, so that’s a slight problem I guess. But not insurmountable!

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