Free On Amazon Today — The Gaia Wars

If you enjoy young adult fiction, this might be worth the price of a download (free). I'm guessing those who hate environmental messages will not like it.

We'll see. It had me curious enough to download. Now I just need to find time to read all this stuff.

Warren Wilkes, age 13, doesn't like what a greedy housing developer has done to his peaceful mountain community, so he vandalizes the developer's property, flees into the wild, and stumbles upon an ancient human skeleton revealed by torrential rain. More than old bones have been exposed, however, and the curious artifact Warren finds makes him question his own identity, and his connection to an ancient terror. A terror destined to rise again and annihilate all that Warren loves. He must fight or see his whole world destroyed.

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Embedded Link The Gaia Wars eBook: Kenneth G. Bennett: Kindle Store The Gaia Wars eBook: Kenneth G. Bennett: Kindle Store

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