Would Fox Really Reboot Their Fantastic Four Reboot?

A story by Bleeding Cool claims a source that says not only is Fox looking to replace Josh Trank as director of the Fantastic Four reboot, but also to replace scriptwriter Josh Trank.

FANTASTIC FOUR 1 OPENA VAR 674x1024 Would Fox Really Reboot Their Fantastic Four Reboot?Which in itself wouldn’t be that surprising. After all studios do this stuff all the time. However, in the case of Fantastic Four not only has the casting been announced but they’re supposed to start shooting very soon. And to make matters more interesting, there’s a clock ticking for Fox. If they don’t get a Fantastic Four movie into production soon then the rights revert back to Marvel.

Which would make a lot of people happy, but not Fox and its shareholders.

Now according to ScreenCrush, senior Fox executives have denied the rumors and say April 21st is the production start date. But that would be standard operating procedure even if they are trying to replace people. Bleeding Cool are doubling down and claim that other directors have actually been contacted.

Let me stress this is all rumors, which is why I haven’t posted it until now even though the rumor went out yesterday. Some people are taking this as some sort of win for the fans. Those fans being people who are apparently outraged either by the idea of someone with dark skin playing Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) or at the age of the actor playing Reed Richards.

I find it extremely hard to believe that a bunch of professional whiners and nitpickers have really had any impact on Fox at all. If they really are considering ditching either script writer or director it’s because for whatever reason they have lost faith in the direction the movie is going in.

Also… people who are so married to one particular vision of a set of characters who have been presented in radically different ways over the years need to be pointed at and mocked rather than encouraged.


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