Fitting Google+ Into My Social Media Mix

Today I finally got access to Google­Plus and leapt in setting up my circles etc. Putting aside the fact that a signif­i­cant portion of the people I follow aren't on there yet, it seems like a very slick service and I think it has a lot of poten­tial. But there's a fair amount of muddle in there too.

+1, Comment, Like, Share

Google are attempting to link many of their existing services together with Google Plus and this makes a lot of sense, but at the moment it also seems to be leading to some redun­dancy and for me at least, confu­sion. For example on my profile I now have a Posts page which lists the stuff I'm specif­i­cally sharing in Google+.  These items can be +1'd Commented or Shared.

Then I have my +1 page which lists the stuff that I have +1'd around the web, but not the stuff that I've +1'd on Google+. Since a +1 is not a share as such, I haven't shared these items in Google+, but the link will be visible through my profile.

And then there's Google Buzz which contains all my Google Reader shares. Although they are shares, they have not been shared in Google+, only in Reader and Buzz. These items can be Liked or Commented but there doesn't seem to be any way to share them in Google+ from this screen.

Can you under­stand my confusion?

Where to Share?

On top of the ques­tion of how best to share things in Google+, there's the matter of how to connect it to my other social networks.  This is my current arrangement:

  • Reader Shares are piped into Buzz and from there into Twitter
  • Reader Shares also go to my blog as a Daily Link Digest
  • Blog Posts are piped into Twitter
  • My Twitter Feed is posted as a digest on my blog (a little recur­sive, but not too much)
  • My photos are posted via Posterous to Tumblr, Flickr, Picassa, Face­book and my Blog (so they also end up on Twitter)

So where does that leave Google Plus?

That's what I'm trying to figure out. The Circles struc­ture means that I can aim my posts very specif­i­cally in Google+ which will allow me to main­tain groups for Tech, SciFi, Photog­raphy etc. But how I'm going to connect that content to the rest of my social sites is a big vague right now.

Sugges­tions anyone?

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