Final Fantasy Cosplay — Lulu

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-119310" src="" alt="cactuar_attack_by_stylechameleon-d7lx8fh" width="1024" height="729" data-wp-pid="119310" />Another videogame cosplay, but this time from a game I'm very familiar with. Final Fantasy X was a major step up in terms of the graphics and having voice actors for the major char­ac­ters. As a result the char­ac­ters tend to stick in your mind. Like Lulu here. As cosplayed by stylechameleon.

The costume is recre­ated in detail, the scene is well chosen and posed. And throwing a cactuar in as well is just a lovely touch.


Source: Deviantart — Cactuar Attack

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