Dragon Hoard Part 11: Siege

Mammon stared at me from Lee Anne's body, waiting for my answer.  Part of me wanted to leave, wanted to run from the casino. I was face to face with an aspect of what many believe to be a prince of Hell. To say I was overmatched would have been overstating my abilities. But, I couldn't leave. I didn't know what Mammon had planned, but the casual possession of Lee Anne made it obvious that she and the other guests at the casino would suffer. I wracked my brain for some way to fight back. And then it came to me, if I couldn't strike a big blow, strike a small …Read more  »

Vilde and the Sword of Ice Part 3

This is the third part of my three part swords and sorcery story. The first of what I hope will be a series of stories. I'm releasing it early to anyone who has subscribed to my free newsletter. You can find a subscription form at the bottom of this post. Part 3 Captain Tukka let his sword dangle at his side while he waited for Vilde's response. She already knew from his actions earlier that he had no concern about killing her or anyone else who got between him and the treasure, but how was he in a one on one fight? Vilde stretched out a hand and grasped the Sword …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 10: An Exercise of Will

Unencumbered by my body at its limited senses I was better able to grasp the scale of the threat against the casino. Then tension and anger growing throughout the building felt like a headache building deep inside my skull. I still wasn't able to locate a definitive source though. The power was not native to this realm, but there had to be a loci somewhere that was focussing it. I tried to apply some simple calming to the energy flow of the casino, but the torrent of negative energies simply swept what little I could muster away. My next thought was to perhaps divert some of this energy elsewhere and …Read more  »

Vilde and the Sword of Ice Part 2

This is the second part of my three part swords and sorcery story. The first of what I hope will be a series of stories. I'm releasing it early to anyone who has subscribed to my free newsletter. You can find a subscription form at the bottom of this post. Part 2 The air in the ice caverns was cool but still. Vilde heard screams coming from outside as she hurried deeper into the tunnels. She cursed and stumbled as her foot slid on a smooth patch of ice, sending her tumbling onto her back. She landed hard and winced as the pain lanced up her back. The screams from outside …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 9: The Dragon’s Lair

The walk to see Sante Drago was silent and uncomfortable. Cassandra lead the way and showed no interesting in speaking with me now that her goal had been achieved. One look at the besuited minions on either side of us told me that striking up a conversation with them would be a bad idea. I wasn't happy to be leaving Rick in the hands of more of Drago's minions, but didn't have much choice.  We didn't go onto the main floor, taking a back route instead that lead directly to the private room Drago had taken residence in. The room had glass panels on two sides so that its occupants …Read more  »

Vilde and the Sword of Ice: Part 1

This is the first part of my three part swords and sorcery story. The first of what I hope will be a series of stories. I'm releasing it early to anyone who has subscribed to my free newsletter. You can find a subscription form at the bottom of this post. Part 1 Vilde had been looking forward to planting her feet on solid ground after weeks at sea. But, when the moment came, all she could think about was the intense cold. The air was so frigid it made her eyes water and breathing was almost painful. She wondered how long a person had to live in this climate before …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 8: Wolf on the Prowl

The werewolf howled again. It was coming from the back area somewhere which meant there was a reasonable chance that no one had died yet. I glanced at Cassandra, bracing myself for further argument, but there was a look of fear in her eyes, as though she knew something about what was happening. I wanted to press my sudden advantage and find out what was going on, but there wasn't time. There was a fox in the henhouse and if I didn't do something quickly there would soon be a lot of dead hens. "Drago will have to wait." I said and ran towards the sound of the wolf without …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 7: Gluttony

I watched in growing horror as Lee Anne crammed more and more food into her mouth. Grease dribbled down her face and some of the food fell to the floor but she was pushing an impossible amount into her mouth and she swallowed it without chewing. I shuddered as a large mass of food made her throat bulge.  Her whole body seemed to be swollen and bloated I realized, growing at an impossible rate as she consumed her food. I reached out to stop her from taking another bite, but she pushed me away and bared her teeth at me, the smell of burgers, fries and fat strong on her breath. …Read more  »

Fiction: Douglas Brodie — Meeting the PMSA

The following scene was written exclusively for members of my mailing list (see the form at the bottom of the page). It introduces the Paranormal, Mystical and Spiritual Association, an organization that will play a role in future stories. The first couple of paragraphs are visible but reading the rest of the scene requires a password which mailing list members receive. Meeting the PMSA "Perhaps the new members of our little group would like to  take this opportunity to introduce themselves." The speaker, a man so tanned I thought I could see the skin cancer forming, shot me a tv smile. Everyone else stared too. It's awkward when you meet people …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 6: Food Fight

Depending on when you get to the casino the atmosphere can vary from one of excitement to a general sense of desperation, all covered by lots of loud noise. That evening it was different, there was tension in the air. The smiles on the waitresses face looked a little more fixed than usual, the patrons seemed even more obsessed with their slot machines than ever. On my initial wander round for the evening I noticed several incidents of shoving and raised voices. These were people who really needed to let off steam, which is ironic considering where they were don't you think? Wayne seemed more than usually nervous too. His …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 5: Coffee Break (1st Draft)

I gazed at the medallion, absentmindedly flipping it from side to side. I was supposed to be unravelling it's mysteries, but my mind was elsewhere. The revelation that Blue Ridge Casino is owned by an actual, genuine, true life, dragon was not an easy one to process, but it was unmistakably true. Right now there was a silver dragon in residence no more than ten minutes from my house. Yes, dragons can take human form, do you think they'd have stayed hidden this long if they couldn't, and yes, it's possible to tell a dragon's color even when they are in human form.  Thinking about it after the fact it did …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 4: Enter the Dragon (1st Draft)

My jog turned into a frantic dash as I raced to pull Jim off the aged guest he was currently assaulting. Jim was a big man, in all meanings of the word, and how he hadn't crushed the skinny old woman already was a happy mystery. I grabbed hold of him and tried to pull him away from  the woman who was snarling and hissing as she fought back. To my surprise he stepped back quite willingly, but the old woman did not, instead grabbing onto him so hard I saw her nails draw blood. My half day of training when I joined Blue Ridge Casino had not covered this scenario! …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 3: News From The Old World (1st Draft)

I fought the sudden urge to hang up the phone and leave the house before The Ceannard got on the phone. It's a bit like being summoned before the school Principal, you know it's not going to be good, you know you can't avoid it, but oh boy do you want to. 'Mr. Brodie." An elderly voice said. Too late! "Ceannard." I responded, "You're up late." Actually given the time difference, it was probably more a case that he was up early. "Yes, well, some of us have a work ethic Mr. Brodie." "And some of us are trying to go to work." I couldn't keep the irritation out of my …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 2: Doug the Werewolf (1st Draft)

Doug the werewolf is a snappy dresser. I mean, he doesn't use being a werewolf as an excuse to wander round in torn jeans with a beard down to his ankles. No, Doug wears suits and ties, he looks presentable anywhere. "What do you do anyway?" I asked him by way of greeting. He stared at me. He has an excellent range of glowers. I considered shutting the door on him, but I remembered what had happened to my last door and decided against it. Unfortunately unless a wizard has taken the time and expended the energy to build a mystical barrier around your entire house, he's just as vulnerable to …Read more  »

Dragon Hoard Part 1: Mostly Very Dull (1st Draft)

This is, the third story in the Case Files of Douglas Brodie, a contemporary fantasy series and takes place a short time after the events in ZombieMart, the first draft of which you can read right here.  Dragon Hoard Part 1: Mostly Very Dull (1st Draft) Being a wizard is mostly very dull, at least when I'm not being chased by werewolves or attacked by zombies, and consists of lots of reading accompanied by cautious use of magic. Why so cautious? The more you learn about magic, the more you learn what can go wrong which, it turns out,  is almost everything. Look, even casting the simplest of spells you're messing …Read more  »

ZombieMart — Part 5) The Source of The Smell (1st Draft)

I stared at the doors for a moment, wondering if they were locked or jammed. I have a way with locked doors, but unjamming them is trickier. And I might not have much time, sooner or later the zombies would head this way. After all, there were still an unspecified number of zombies wandering round the  store, not to mention that mist stuff. Forcing the doors open created another problem too. Whatever was attacking Supermart 13 was currently contained inside the store, what would happen if it got out? My best bet was to locate the source of the mist and that god awful smell and then put a stop to …Read more  »

ZombieMart — Part 4) Cleanup In Aisle 11 (1st Draft)

At this point I'd like to tell you how, as a skilled wizard, I applied my craft to free myself from the zombie that was currently firmly gripping my leg. And I was going to do that, really. Although, it is surprisingly hard to concentrate when a mindless zombie, in the form of your shift manager, is threatening to eat you. Fortunately for me there was someone with a little more focus available to save the day.  Just as I felt as though I couldn't hold on any longer a can of Best Value Baked Beans  slammed straight into Maggie's face, only to be rapidly followed by two more. Maggie, …Read more  »

ZombieMart — Part 3) Zombies! (1st Draft)

If you are looking for good life advice, one thing I can offer you is that you should never let yourself become trapped on top of storage racks in a warehouse while surrounded by stinky, icky colored zombie producing mist. It's a bit specific I suppose, but I think it holds true for everyone. While working night shift at Supermart 13 isn't exactly what you'd call fun, I can honestly say it had never been this unpleasant before.  Admittedly up here on top of the shelves I was probably fairly safe. I don't imagine zombie training involves much climbing. It's more about biting things and moaning probably. But I had two immediate …Read more  »

Zombiemart — Part 2) Assault On Supermart 13 (1st Draft)

I watched the slowly spreading green mist for a moment as Bethany continued to tell me just how unpleasant she found the smell to be. The fog spread out slowly, hugging the ground as it did so. So it was heavier than air then. As the cloud grew, the stench grew stronger confirming the obvious connection between the two. Several other blue clad employees appeared, no doubt also looking for the source of the smell. They hung around looking confused and useless, probably much like I was, until Maggie arrived to take charge. By this point the fog had grown noticeably, if still very slowly. “When I find out which of …Read more  »

Zombiemart — Part 1) Night Shift (1st Draft)

Zombiemart is weekly serial sequel to The Wolves of West Virginia, which is available on Kindle. Enjoy Part 1) Night Shift. One of the sucky things about working at a superstore is the night shift. Even if the store itself isn’t open 24 hours a day, there’s still a night shift because someone has to stock those shelves ready for the eager hordes of greedy shoppers the next morning. And if it is open 24/7? Well then you get to stock the shelves while harassed by said greedy shoppers. Usually not hordes of them though. Most of them like to sleep. However, if you happen to be in dire need …Read more  »

The Wolves of West Virginia Part 7: Kiss and Make Up

The post below is part an early draft of one of the parts of my ebook The Wolves of West Virginia, which is now available on Kindle. You are free to read and enjoy it as is, but may prefer the more polished version. [amazon template=multinational&asin=B00RQUSRUM] I felt my knees wobble and let the last of the fire die out completely, sinking down to the ground. Magic drains you. The energy has to come from somewhere after all. And I had been tapping one form or another for hours now. I glance round at the wolves. They could tear out my throat in a matter of seconds. I could only hope …Read more  »

The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 6 — Running The Wolves

The post below is part an early draft of one of the parts of my ebook The Wolves of West Virginia, which is now available on Kindle. You are free to read and enjoy it as is, but may prefer the more polished version. [amazon template=multinational&asin=B00RQUSRUM] The woods around me were a tight tangle that threatened to trip me with every step. I pushed through the brush, shielding my face from the branches. I wasn’t even worrying about staying quite. The bird’s stare haunted me. It scared me. I didn’t know what I was dealing with, but there was something in this wood that could handle eight werewolves with ease. That …Read more  »

Fiction Short — The Black Bat Cornered

Quinn wrenched open the door and launched himself through it, knocking the man on the other side flat on his back. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he ran into the warehouse. He could hear the footsteps of his pursuers close behind. At least they didn't have the dog with them. He needed to hide, get his breath back, get a plan. The warehouse was large and dark, apart from the lantern near the entrance. Perfect for the Black Bat. Maybe there was another exit somewhere.  Quinn slowed his steps so he could move silently, his dark clothes melting into the shadows as he began his …Read more  »

The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 5 — Hunted

The post below is part an early draft of one of the parts of my ebook The Wolves of West Virginia, which is now available on Kindle. You are free to read and enjoy it as is, but may prefer the more polished version. [amazon template=multinational&asin=B00RQUSRUM] I stared at the men for a moment. I didn’t know they were werewolves, but at this point what are the odds? I could think of two options. I could try to talk my way out of this or I could run. No, fighting wasn’t an option. I’m not much of a fighter even on a good day. Against eight men I was going to …Read more  »

Fiction Short: Pulp Noir

I knew I was bringing him trouble before I walked through his door. It's not like I had much choice. The room stank of cigarette smoke and sweat. The man behind the desk looked like he hadn't slept, or bathed, in a week. He looked up as I entered and for a brief moment something flickered in his eyes? Hope? Curiosity? And then it was gone, his bruised and battered face a cynical mask once more. I walked slowly towards him knowing exactly where his eyes were. I'd dressed carefully for this meeting. You use what you've got, right? I'd done my research. Mike Shane was solid. Down on his …Read more  »