Fantastic He-Man and Battle Cat Art

4hGP0v7h_2306141313121Artist J. G. Jones has quite a repu­ta­tion in the comic book world. He’s prob­ably best known for his cover artwork which includes all the covers for DC’s weekly series 52 and the covers for the first 17 issues of Y The Last Man. He’s done some inte­riors though (most of the Final Crisis mini series for example) but strug­gles to handle a monthly pace.

This bit of art showing He-Man sitting astride Battle Cat illus­trates why he’s in such high demand. The compo­si­tion of this piece is very dramatic with the angle really empha­sizing a ferocity in Battle Cat that we don’t usually get to see.

Source: Comic​sArt​Fans​.com — JG Jones — He-Man and Battle Cat

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