Eureka S04E04 — The Story of O2

After 3 very strong episodes Eureka tosses out a throw away one.  The Story of O2 could have happened in just about any season of Eureka. There are a few mentions of the changed reality, but they are mainly extraneous to both the A and B plots of the episode. They even came close to reverting Zane back to his pre-time travel personality.

If that wasn't bad enough, this week's "celebrity" cameo is Jamie Kennedy playing his usual highly annoying comedy character. Considering the scientist he played had a minimal role in the entire episode, his presence was a grating distraction.

It wasn't all bad mind you. It was nice to see Zoe Carter (Jordan Hinson) put in an appearance. I'm not really sure what her function in the show is, but it's annoying when characters vanish and are never referenced again.  The invisible cat sub-plot was pure filler though.

I did like seeing Fargo (Neil Grayston) trying to function in his new (to him) role as chief of GD. In previous seasons he was almost entirely a comedy character and that's still his primary function, but his position forces the character to mature a little which is good to watch.

Interesting to see that they have re-cast Deputy Andy. I'm not sure what the real life reasoning for this was, but I guess it's going to be a recurring joke with him being damaged and re-skinned on a regular basis. It's  funny, but the original actor was very good in the role.

If this review seems particularly half hearted it's because I just didn't care much about this episode. Lots of soap opera, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) behaving completely out of character and Sherrif Carter (Colin Ferguson) being stuck in a sub-plot don't make for a top notch episode of Eureka.

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