Easter By The Numbers

A couple of things jump out from this Info­graphic.

Despite it’s obvious reli­gious connec­tions, it has become a secular holiday.

Easter candy is reces­sion proof.

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Easter Candy [info­graphic] | Daily Info­graphic
Not only is Easter a Catholic holiday, it is also another oppor­tu­nity for corpo­rate America to cash in the sacred day. Valen­tines was not even over before Easter candy and pastel colored bunnies and c…

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3 thoughts on “Easter By The Numbers”

  1. Most holiday candy is made a year or so before the holiday, so it can be marketed, made and sold to vendors.

    My mom used to get free sample Easter candy in September for the following year.

  2. Monday, I am going to buy ALL THE JELLY BEANS. Easter is tricky because I need to stock up on enough candy to get me through until Halloween. I mean, yeah, there’s candy the rest of the year, but it’s nowhere near as cheap.

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