Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – A First Look At Some Of The Animatronics

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train — A First Look At Some Of The Animatronics

It shouldn’t be much longer now until the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney Wold opens and completes the New Fanta­sy­land expan­sion. They haven’t offi­cially announced a date, but some time in May is what everyone seems to be expecting.

We’ve see plenty of shots of the outside and some concept art of the inside, but this video released by Disney shows us a bit more about the dark ride portion of this rollercoaster.

Disney has exper­i­mented with this sort of anima­tronics before, but there aren’t many exam­ples of it in The Magic Kingdom. As well as the tradi­tional anima­tronic elements, they’re able to animate the char­ac­ters expres­sions much more than was previ­ously possible. The results are impressive.


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