Dungeons & Dragons Cosplay — Presto The Magician

Ipresto__the_magician___dungeons_and_dragons_v_by_dashingtonylima-d7pun9c really like it when I see unusual cosplay. Either popular char­ac­ters rein­ter­preted in a new way or more obscure char­ac­ters brought to life.

Presto The Magi­cian falls into that second cate­gory. I know some of you will remember the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the early 1980s but I think it’s fair to say we’re a minority at this point. It was a fun show though and I think above average for a kids cartoon.

Presto the Magi­cian (yes called a magi­cian rather than Magic User) was a well meaning but frequently inef­fec­tual hero who’s magic basi­cally consisted of pulling things from his hat. Anyway… it was a fun show.

Here Dash­ingTonyLima does a solid bit of cosplay as Presto complete with looking for things in his hat.

Source: DeviantArt — Presto, The Magi­cian — Dungeons and Dragons

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