Dragon Sword Fighter Force Are Absolutely Not Game Of Thrones LEGO Minifigures

Let’s just be very clear about this. First of all these minifigs are designed and sold by Citizen Brick, not by LEGO and secondly they’re called Dragon Sword Fighter Force. No mention of either games or thrones there at all.

And while the bonus minifigure Sir Typesalot might look somewhat like a famous fantasy author, that’s purely circumstantial.

No Dragon Sword Fighter Force features characters like Lady Redrobes, Frosty the Dead Man, Johnny Crowbeard, King Aayhole, Sir James of House Inbredd and Lady Orphanboy of House Alldead. All of home have no more than a passing resemblance to the characters of a major fantasy series (currently unfinished) which has been adapted into a popular HBO series.

Source: Citizen Brick

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