Doctor Who Season 6 Mid-season Review

So by this point most fans have seen A Good Man Goes To War and now impatiently waiting for the second half the season some time in the Autumn. Which seems like a good time to look back at the season so far.

The most obvious thing about season 6 is how dominating the story arc is. In season 5, Moffat made the arc much

Doctor Who - Season 6

more prominent than it had been in the previous 4 seasons, but this time out Moffat laid out multiple on-going plot lines from the first episode of the season and they have been strongly referenced in the stand alone episodes as well. That has given the season a different and more structured feel to any previously. Mostly that's a good thing, although occasionally it felt a little forced.

In terms of quality, I feel this season has been the highest of all the seasons so far. Which is quite impressive considering I thought the same thing of season 5. The weakest of the episodes (to my mind) The Curse of the Black Spot, was still an entertaining adventure. I am a little worried though that Moffat is falling back on recurring tricks. The woman with her window  is a little too similar to the cracks in the universe from the previous season. And as much as I like River Song, she was a little over-used I think.

But the strongest thing about Season 6 is the acting. Matt Smith has been excellent from day one, but now Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are being given opportunities to match him. It feels like the production team and the actors have really settled into their roles. There's a confidence and an eagerness to push boundaries which promises a lot for the second half of the season.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Moffat seems to have some sort of master plan underway. There are elements of this season that were set up last season and I get the feeling there are some elements that may not play out until the next season (whenever that is). One of his themes has been to present Doctor Eleven as a man to be feared. Someone who can talk entire alien races into submission. He's building up the Doctor's feats to ever greater heights and it's obvious this is a direction that can be only be taken so far.

I'm very curious to see what destination Moffat has in mind for our Doctor.

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