Doctor Who Silicone Ice/Chocolate Mold Gives You Your Own Dalek Army To Eat!

This41bXhrwCnwL Doctor Who themed Silicon Ice Tray and Choco­late mold lets you create your own army of Daleks or popu­late your table with a thou­sand (if you're very, very, very, very, very patient) TARDISes.

Plus if you use it as an ice mold the TARDIS has a real­istic dema­te­ri­alza­tion effect!

Okay, I may have made that bit up and since this only makes 6 ice cubes I guess its useful­ness is some­what limited. But you know you want and army of ice daleks! Plus… chocolate!

Source: Amazon​.com — Doctor Who Silicon Ice Tray and Choco­late Mold

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