Disney Fan Art — Disney's Moulin Rouge

<a href="http://eoghann.com/2014/06/disney-fan-art-disneys-moulin-rouge/disney_s_moulin_rouge_by_mariooscargabriele-d7kg51m" rel="attachment wp-att-119017">disney s moulin rouge by mariooscargabriele d7kg51m 900x1024 Disney Fan Art   Disneys Moulin RougeThis image amuses me, mainly because I know there's going to be a reac­tion to it.

Mashing up Moulin Rouge and Disney in the form of Mickey and Minnie Mouse is a bizarre sort of thing to do, but it's been very nicely executed by Mario Oscar Gabrielle.

Source: Deviantart — Disney's Moulin Rouge

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