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Body Measurements Over time1 Diet ProgressI hit a mile­stone today. It's an arbi­trary one in many ways but satis­fying never­the­less. When I weighed myself this morning I clocked in at 174lbs. That puts me at the absolute upper end of normal weight and takes me out of the over­weight cate­gory (BMI just below 25).

I say it's an arbi­trary mile­stone because I know I'm still carrying a signif­i­cant amount of excess fat (mainly on my stomach) and I'm looking to lose 6-9lbs more before I might consider myself done. Still it is nice after just over 3 months (94 days) to offi­cially not be overweight.

And so natu­rally I ran the numbers to see how my stats look so far. On average I have lost 0.25lbs per day since I started my diet and exer­cise program and just under 0.1% in body fat each day as well. If I was to continue at that rate I would hit the lower end of my goal weight in just 36 more days.

I won't unfor­tu­nately because my weight loss has started to slow down. Which is to be expected at this point. Though it may be time for me to change things up a bit.

but62x20 Diet Progress

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  1. Awesome news…and rather inspiring…After I quit smoking and drinking scary amounts of coffee, I put on 45 pounds. Getting them off:

    It's time.

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