More Details About Hogwarts Express At Universal Orlando


Once of the most anticipated elements of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Studios Florida is the Hogwarts Express. We've known for a while that it would take guests between the two parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) but now we have some more specifics on how its going to work and what people will experience.

  • If you start in Universal Studios you will board the train from Kings Cross Station and an optical trick will make it look as though the guests in front of you are passing through the wall to reach platform nine and three quarters.
  • Once on the platform you will be able to see the Hogwarts Express itself complete with steam, luggage carts and owls in cages.
  • On the trip to Islands of Adventure you will encounter Dementors and see Hagrid flying his motorbike via the trains windows which are actually electronic screens.
  • The trip in the other direction will give you Hagrid, Buckbeak the Hippogriff, the Knight Bus and the Weasley twins creating a firework display.
  • The ride will be 6 minutes in each direction but you will have to get off the train and can't just stay on board for a round trip.

Everything Universal has done with the Harry Potter franchise to date has been exceptional and it sounds as though once again the theming on this will really make you feel like you are there in Harry Potter's world.

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