DC Comics Cosplay — The Question

Ythe_question_by_strikeandhide-d7ou9j1ou don't see too many people cosplaying as The Question. Perhaps it's just because he is a comparatively obscure comics character. Or perhaps it's because the costume is so basic. Beyond the "faceless" mask there's not a lot to hang your costuming on really I guess.

But he is the inspiration for Rorschach after all and he had a pretty good run in his own comic at DC back in the late 80s. Since then... things have gotten a bit weirder. I was okay with Renee Montoya picking up the mantle, but the new 52 cosmic reboot leaves me shaking my head.

Here' they've gone for the noir tone of the old series with some moody photography and exactly the sort of pose you might have seen on the covers.

Source: Deviantart - The Question by StrikeandHide

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