DC Comics Cosplay — Donna Troy

PDonna_Troy_by_The_Cosplay_Scionoor Donna Troy, she's currently lost somewhere in comics limbo having yet to re-surface since DC Comics did their big New 52 reboot. Can I mention yet again what a freaking awful name that is by the way?

She was originally Wonder Girl, took on the mantle of Wonder Woman for a brief period and  that's probably what doomed her. DC doesn't treat their second generation legacy heroes very well. What seems to happen is they get squeezed out by the return of the originals and their sidekick status is also lost because the newer sidekicks are retained.

From a cosplay perspective Donna Troy is something of a tough one because she has a costume that is intended to look like we are staring into space and seeing stars. Which is tough to replicate in real life. So a lot of credit should go to The-Cosplay-Scion for this interpretation. It's perhaps a little too sparkly but it's an impressive approximation of that costume.

I like the pose and expression on her face here too. Donna Troy is after all a warrior.

Source: DeviantArt - Donna Troy by The-Cosplay-Scion

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