DC Comics Cosplay — Classic Catwoman

N1979382_644076252340299_1010803416649435938_oow here’s a Catwoman costume you don’t see very often these days.

Catwoman actu­ally wore this costume in the comics for decades. If I remember correctly it didn’t change until Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One story­line, so after the Crisis on Infi­nite Earths reboot to conti­nuity. Certainly it does look a little dated and imprac­tical in some ways, but it’s still a cool design.

And as a cosplay this is really well done. The costume is a close match for the comics and it’s well posed and photographed. I might suggest that they went over­board in the Photo­shop touchup and have processed Jna’s skin so it now looks a little plastic, but overall the image is a strong one.

Source: Face­book– Jna

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