Dark Knight Joker Cosplay

1972535_564859050294034_6464312537026818825_nThere are certain char­ac­ters that are cosplayed so often (Wonder Woman for example) that unless the cosplayer is taking a radi­cally different approach I’m not that inclined to post it. Seen it before basically.

One of those char­ac­ters at this point is the Dark Knight version of The Joker. Yes, it’s a very distinc­tive and very cool inter­pre­ta­tion but… seen it… a lot.

However, this bit of cosplay is just so good, I felt I had to post it anyway.

Pretty much every­thing works here. From the photog­raphy (good photog­raphy is so impor­tant) to the details of the costume, to the makeup and even the pose itself.

Source: Face­book — The Joker & Harley Quinn

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