Comic Book Reviews: The Hypernaturals

Comic Book Reviews: The Hypernaturals

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's The Hypernaturals deserved a longer run than the 12 issues it got. On the plus side however, those 12 issues essentially tell a single story so the result is a maxi-series.

To put this comic in context, thing Legion of Superheroes only with a bit more edge and just a more modern feel to it. I'm generalising of course but it will give you the general feel and it's an appropriate comparison given that DnA did write Legion of Superheroes for a while.

It's a great mix of superheroics and sci-fi concepts. I don't think any of the individual elements could really be called new, but the resulting blend is certainly fresh enough.

As well as the ongoing story arc which features a patched together Hypernaturals team (after the current team goes missing) we also get frequent flashbacks to previous incarnations of the team.

You'll find many familiar archetypes amongst the cast like a speedster, super intelligent character, strong guy etc. but over the course of the issues the personalities gradually dominate over the powers.

Probably the most interesting character though (as is so often the case) is the villain of the piece, Sublime. Not only does he have a rather creepy design (see the picture below) but beyond being kinda crazy he does actually have a reason for his actions. Something that we gradually find out more about as the story develops.

In terms of art, to be honest I don't have that much to say. His work here is solid enough but doesn't stray from the average superheroic style and drifts a little towards cheesecake at times. It's fine, but I didn't come back for the artwork. It was the story that sold me on this particular book.

If you liked Abnett and Lanning's work on Legion or the Marvel cosmic titles I think you'll enjoy this too.

The series has been released as three trade paperbacks, and given that it's really one big story I'd recommend getting them all.

The Hypernaturals Vol 1
The Hypernaturals Vol 2
The Hypernaturals Vol 3


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