Celebrate International TableTop Day — Buy Board Games At Up To 45% Off

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Amazon is consid­er­ately helping us all cele­brate Inter­na­tional TableTop Day by offering a whole bunch of popular board or card games at reduced prices.

It's quite the variety too from award winning  ones like Ticket to Ride (which I have and is a great game to play with people who aren't heavy duty into board games and doesn't want to learn loads of rules.)


Or perhaps you'd prefer a fun card game like the popular Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games? You do need at least three players, but it's a quick game so it's a great way to fill in a spare hour.


A great option if you have kids (or actu­ally anyone who is a really bad loser) is a team game like Forbidden Island, which needs as few as 2 players and as little as 30 minutes to play and since it's a team game, no tantrums if one person wins and the other loses. In our house that can be a big deal.

If none of those take your fancy though there are plenty of others to choose from.

Source: Amazon​.com

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