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Boba Fett vs. Predator Artwork

locked in by thefreshdoodle d7zgqkp 1024x757 Boba Fett vs. Predator ArtworkSo here’s some really cool artwork by artist JP Valderrama which he calls Locked In. On the surface it looks as though Boba Fett has this Predator in his sights. But then you remember that Boba Fett can’t shoot much better than a StormTrooper and is in fact the worst bounty hunter in the entire galaxy. So then you realize that this Predator is going to rip Fett to shreds.

I love the style of the art work though. The background with its muted greys and blues really contrasts with the splashes of color on Fett and the laser sight. And the way the color has been allowed to streak gives a sense of movement to the whole image.

Source: DeviantArt – Locked In


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Marvel Fan Art – Hulk vs. Thing

the thing vs hulk by uncannyknack d7u0s7h Marvel Fan Art   Hulk vs. ThingPerhaps one of the longest running rivalries in Marvel Comics… in superhero comics as a whole, is The Incredible Hulk vs. The Thing. Going all the way back to Fantastic Four #12 and perhaps more significantly their full on battle in Fantastic Four #25. Hulk is clearly the stronger of the two (by a log way) although Thing has never quite been prepared to admit that fact.

This artwork by uncannyknack shows the two titans going one on one right in the middle of a city and while they’re both in good shape, everything else is collapsing around them.

Remarkably this powerful art is billed as a work in progress.

Source: DeviantArt – TheThing vs. Hulk


Star Wars / Disney Mashup Cosplay – Meet Snowbafett

10533836 342981385851236 7837391901194099574 o 683x1024 Star Wars / Disney Mashup Cosplay   Meet SnowbafettNow I’m on record (repeatedly) on the subject of just how lame a  character Boba Fett actually is. Third worst in the entire Star Wars universe isn’t hyperbole. That’s actually where I think he ranks. Fett has one thing and one thing only going for him. He looks pretty cool (in a 70s sort of way).

So Amber Arden’s costume (as photographed here by Estrada Photography) takes the one good thing about Fett and makes it massively cooler by combining it with a Disney Princess. Snow White to be specific.

Not only does she give the Mandalorean armor the correct color scheme, she’s even put a bow on the helmet! Though since she’s got a bow in her hair too that does seem a tad excessive.

Snowbafett is probably a better bounty hunter than Boba too.

Source: Facebook – Estrada Photography – Snowbafett

From The Shire To The Sea

Beautiful Middle-Earth Art – From The Shire To The Sea

From The Shire To The Sea Beautiful Middle Earth Art   From The Shire To The SeaNot only is this a really beautiful painting by Joe Gilronan but there’s so much going on that you have to take your time and let your eyes sweep gently over it.

Obviously starting in the Shire at Bag End, the painting takes us on a tour of western Middle-Earth stopping by Rivendell, Gondor, The Argonath and the Grey Havens, all while the baleful Eye of Sauron glares down.

Gilronan is a professional artist apparently and has produced quite a lot of Tolkien inspired artwork. All of it definitely worth checking out so click through the link. You also want to make sure you take a look at the full size image, because there is a lot going on here.

Source: Deviantart- From The Shire To The Sea


Star Wars Fan Art – Darth Talon Will Make You Tremble

Dsith girl by daroz d7qm50s Star Wars Fan Art   Darth Talon Will Make You Tremblearth Talon for those who don’t track all the details of the assorted books and comics is a Lethan Twi’lek who became a Sith Lady as part of Darth Krayt’s One Sith (so says Wookiepedia). This all happens 100 or so years after the fall of the Emperor so you can safely assume it’s not canon any more and ignore it.

As shown here in this image by daRoz though she is pretty awe inspiring don’t you think? Not someone to mess with unless you have a death wish judging by the look she’s giving. Really moody bit of artwork and the skin looks like skin not a costume.

Source: Deviantart – Sith Girl

Minion Captain Jack

Minion Captain Jack Sparrow Artwork

Minion Captain Jack 948x1024 Minion Captain Jack Sparrow ArtworkI love a good mashup and this is a good mashup. What do you get when you cross Despicable Me with the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well naturally you get a Captain Jack Sparrow.

This rather excellent drawing was done by AtomiccircuS using markers and color pencils. I think he’s done a great job of capturing the look of Captain Jack while still making this a suitably miniony minion.

Source: DeviantArt – Minion Captain Jack Sparrow