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Dumb App Of The Day: BroApp

Dumb App Of The Day: BroApp

And what’s so dumb about this Android app you ask? Well basically it automates sending text messages to your assigned girlfriend (or boyfriend the protocols are fundamentally gender neutral despite the naming) to make it look like you’re interested in her.

The makers claim several sophisticated features like:

* Girlfriend Wifi Detector: BroApp won’t send messages when you are at your girlfriend’s place.
* Girlfriend Intrusion Detector: BroApp will prevent inquisitive girlfriends from uncovering the BroApp secret.
* Recent Contact Detector: BroApp won’t send messages if you have recently communicated with your girlfriend.

What they don’t seem to have considered is that she may answer the texts…

My favorite bit though was the review on the Play store:

Would be great to have configurable multiple girlfriend numbers needs the option of sending to more than one girlfriend… i’m speaking for a friend…..

 Dumb App Of The Day: BroApp

Would Amazon Really Give You A Phone?

Amazon Kindle Phone Would Amazon Really Give You A Phone?
There have been rumors for a couple of years now of an Amazon Phone presumably running some variant of their forked Kindle Android OS.

But the latest rumor is pretty extreme. Not a low cost phone. But a free ($0.00) phone and without requiring a contract.

Honestly I’m not sure they could pull that off. They haven’t managed to do it with the Kindle Fire or the Kindle after all, though both are heavily subsidized.

Similarly Google who have been pretty aggressive in their off contract Nexus phone pricing haven’t got that down to zero yet.

Would You Buy A Camera For You Smartphone?

lens camera Would You Buy A Camera For You Smartphone?
So the first images of this concept leaked a few weeks ago but now more information is emerging.

The idea is simple, Sony will build a complete camera into a lens (not actually that hard to do) and the it will wirelessly connect to your phone using it as the viewfinder. The result should be a far better lens than you could pack into a thin phone.

The biggest plus of course being the ability to do real optical zoom but also you’ll benefit a lot from larger sensor size.

The idea is to do a range of these lenses. With the Lens G (pictured) being at the low end with an F/3.3-5.9 lens with a 10x zoom and a 1/2.3″ 18 mp CMOS sensor.

Do You Want A Phone The Size Of A Tablet

XZUvN7 3 540x405 Do You Want A Phone The Size Of A Tablet
On the left is the Nexus 7. On the right is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It’s an Android phone.

If you thought Samsung’s Note line were big, apparently that’s nothing compared to the 6.4″ Xperia Z Ultra.

I suppose this might be big enough you wouldn’t need the tablet as well…


Maybe It’s Time We Changed The Definition of High End?

MotoX 512x460 Maybe Its Time We Changed The Definition of High End?People complain the Galaxy S4 is sluggish. Apparently the Moto X is smooth as butter. The Moto X is being called a mid-range phone, the GS4 high end.

People complain the HTC One’s battery life is terrible. Supposedly the Moto X has excellent battery life. The HTC One is apparently a high-end phone.

Moto X offers a nearly stock experience, HTC ONe and GS4 are heavily skinned.

So basically the high end phones have some bigger numbers to their name, but a poorer user experience (if initial reviews are to be believed)?

People really need to start looking past raw numbers. We’ve been down this route before with CPU speeds and megapixels in cameras. They don’t mean what you think they mean!

Rough Start For Ouya Game Developers

ouya Rough Start For Ouya Game Developers
It seems that sales of games on the Ouya console have got off to a poor start.

Now you can’t do an apples to apples comparison of game sales between Ouya and the established consoles for all sorts of reasons. It has neither the market penetration or the advertising reach nor any of the brand name titles.

But what is disapointing is evidence that the people who have an Ouya are mainly sticking to the freebies and aren’t buying titles.

The most successful game on the system Tower Fall has apparently managed 2,000 sales in four months and about $21,000 in income. Which is not bad on a small new platform, but it seems to be the exception.

And the big problem is sales vs. downloads. All Ouya games have a free demo version. But 5% seems to be the upper end of conversions to purchase. With many games down at 1%. At those rates Ouya will need a user base in the millions for developers to turn a profit.

Perhaps it’s the games. I can’t speak to their quality. Or perhaps people are happy with just playing demos. Or possibly people who buy a cheap console are… cheap. Or is it the lack of those big franchise games?

Are Smartphones Finally Breaking Free Of The Megapixel Myth

Screen Shot 2013 04 12 at 2.20.03 PM 540x3441132 Are Smartphones Finally Breaking Free Of The Megapixel Myth
As the article I’m linking to notes, one of the rumors about Motorola’s upcoming Moto X phone is that it will use Clear Pixel technology which is an additional pixel in the sensor that will help boost it’s ability in low light situations.

Which makes Moto X the second major Android phone to emphasize low light picture quality over yet more mega pixels, what with the HTC One using it’s UltraPixel technique to do the same thing.

I’ve been preaching this for ages, but numbers are an easy selling point so it gets ignored. Given the tiny size of smartphone camera sensors, simply cramming more pixels into actually degrades the image quality instead of improving it.

Most of the benefits you’ve been seeing have been a result of better software.

And the megapixel increase doesn’t actually make much sense anway. I mean you can print out a 300DPI 8″x10″ print from a 7 mega pixel image. Though I doubt anyone is. So what on earth would the rest of them be for.  Certainly not display in a world where even 3,200 by 1,800 is about the highest resolution laptop screen I can find.