Cars 2 — Mini Review and Thoughts

Ever since Pixar announced that they were going to do a sequel to their movie Cars, there has been an online backlash. I say online, because I haven't noticed the same reaction amongst people I know in real life. But blogs were full of people making snide comments and claiming that Cars was the worst movie that Pixar had done so why do a sequel?

Personally I don't think Cars was Pixar's worst movie. Well short of their best, but not their worst either. Personally I preferred it to A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille.  The reason for a sequel though is obvious. Cars is a merchandising cash cow and Disney would be crazy not to do a sequel. Which probably just antagonized the online community even more.

Critical Drubbing

Cars 2After it's release Cars 2 was given some harsh reviews. As of right now it's scoring 35% on (Pixar's lowest score ever) based on critics reviews. It's pretty clear they don't like the movie. By contrast however the audience score listed on Rotten Tomatoes is 64% and similarly is rating the movie at 6.7 out of 10 stars. So why the huge discrepancy?


It all comes down to expectations. The last few Pixar movies have dealt with some complex, even adult, themes and emotions. Cars 2 does not. This is not a sophisticated movie for adults. It's a cartoon aimed primarily at kids. I get the feeling that most of the negative reviews of Cars 2 come down to people reviewing it based on what they wanted, not what it is.

What is Cars 2?

It's fun. Plain and simple. There's nothing very deep going on in this movie, but what it does offer is sheer entertainment. For kids there are lots of silly jokes, flying, swimming, racing and tonnes of Mater  (probably too much for adults). For the older set, there's a lot of entertainment to be had from the Bond inspired spy theme of the movie. And as always with Pixar it offers computer animation that is second to none. The opening scenes in the sea are simply breathtaking.

I'm not sure I'll be re-watching this one very often (though my kids probably will) but I also thoroughly enjoyed watching it in the cinema.

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