Do You Want To Build A LEGO Snowman?

1455835-11497080713_c3223123f1_bSo… Frozen. It’s a movie. You may have heard of it. Disney… musical? Nothing?

Well for the sake of the three people who have managed to completely cultur­ally isolate them­selves let me explain that there’s a snowman in it by the name of Olaf. And if you’d like to be able to build that LEGO snowman… well perhaps you ought to pop on over to LEGO Ideas and support this partic­ular project.

Support inci­den­tally doesn’t mean put any money down, just “sign” your name to it and answer a couple of questions.

I think Joe Meno and Glen­bricker have done  great job of capturing Olaf’s like­ness with this build. And the fact that not only can his head swivel but you can adjust his eyes means there’s lots of poten­tial to pose him.

Source: LEGO Ideas — Frozen: Olaf!

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