Bert And Ernie Transposed From Sesame Street To The Mean Streets In Popped Culture

Nowthe_streets___chapter_2___by_danluvisiart-d7kwdjm here's a wild concept and a rather unique mashup. Take the ever so safe Sesame Streets puppets and present them in a much dirtier, nastier neighborhood.  They don't live on the Street, they live on The Streets.

And that's what artist Dan LuVisi gives us here with what are unmistakably Bert and Ernie, but in a way we have never seen them before. And there's actually a story to go with it. Make sure to click through to read the whole thing:


Ernest pushed his tiny feet off the golden sand, letting the swing lift him into the air. Bert watched as Ernest steadily picked up pace, waving back and forth on the swing-set. He smiled, once remembering the innocence of being a child and the lack of responsibilities.

But ever since their parents had passed, Bert and Ernest had been forced to grow up far too quickly. Once having a home in The Suburbs, both brothers were soon after sent to an orphan home due to neither parents having siblings.

Ernest and Bert grew weary of the move, hearing only bad things of The Streets, their new residence. Bert, however, would take it upon himself of assuring Ernest an honest way of living, teaching by example on how you can still be an upstanding citizen, regardless of where one lived.

Bert smiled, waving to Ernest. “Hey buddy. Having fun?”

Source: Deviantart - The Streets: Chapter 2

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