Yes There Is A Battlestar Galactica Movie In The Works

Cylon Centurion 398x600 Yes There Is A Battlestar Galactica Movie In The WorksThere’s been on and off talk about a Battlestar Galactica movie for a few years now and at one point Bryan Singer was attached as director. I’m not sure if that is still the case but according to Variety Unversal have picked Jack Paglen (Transcendence and Prometheus 2) to write the script for the movie. Glen Larson seems to be attached in some sort of Producer role.

They also say that it will be a complete reimagining of the story, so not a sequel or prequel to either of the previous versions then.

I’m fine with that. But can we skip the “human” Cylons this time round please? Actually if we could just scrap all the meta-physical crap that got loaded in that would be ideal.

Source: Variety


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