Ten SciFi Movies To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

So it's Thanks­giving weekend again here in the US and maybe you've got a little extra time off work to enjoy. But what to do with it all? Well, there's huge quan­ti­ties of food to consume of course, and no doubt several sports­ball games for those who enjoy them. But how about you indulge in a little relax­ation with your favorite genre? Lets watch some science fiction or fantasy cour­tesy of Netflix. The Avengers The Chron­i­cles of Riddick Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Harlock: Space Pirate The Hunger Games:

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Book Review: The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

This was an enjoy­able book to read but proves to be a remark­ably frus­trating one to review. The Paper Magi­cian is aimed primarily at the Young Adult audi­ence and is set in an alter­nate late Victo­rian era where magic seems to be tightly inte­grated into society. In fact it would appear to have taken the place of science (though that may be an over simpli­fi­ca­tion). You're likely to instinc­tively compare The Paper Magi­cian with Harry Potter because there are some surface simi­lar­i­ties, like refer­ences to a school for magi­cians and the young adult vibe. But, this is a smaller and more inti­mate story. Coming in at a mere 224 pages it is very brief by fantasy stan­dards and though that is not an inher­ently bad thing some of my crit­i­cisms may result from the brevity. A Story About Two Char­ac­ters Meet Ceony Twill, a young and newly grad­u­ated Magi­cian. She wanted to work with metal but instead is forced to appren­tice to a Folder, a paper magician.

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Dragonlance Re-Read: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight — Part 4

The action heats up substan­tially in Dragons of Autumn Twilight as my re-read reaches Xak Tsaroth and chap­ters 13 through 16 and we finally encounter dragons. Not only is there a notice­able increase in action, but Hickman and Weis also manage to increase the emotional payload as well. "I left Gold­moon. I returned to find Chieftain's Daughter" The Story So Far The Heroes of the Lance are camped not far from the ruins of Gold­moon and Riverwind's tribe. They're some­what shell shocked by the death and destruc­tion they have witnessed, but deter­mine that they must push on and attempt to reach Xak Tsaroth by the dead­line. Gold­moon and Riverwind's rela­tion­ship remains rocky but they too remain committed to the journey. A journey which takes them through some partic­u­larly marshy swamps and gives us another glimpse into both the geog­raphy of Krynn and the impact the Cata­clysm had on the land. And always below them and around them was the dark water, where strange eyes watched them hungrily.

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The Wolves of West Virginia Part 7: Kiss and Make Up

I felt my knees wobble and let the last of the fire die out completely, sinking down to the ground. Magic drains you. The energy has to come from some­where after all. And I had been tapping one form or another for hours now. I glance round at the wolves. They could tear out my throat in a matter of seconds. I could only hope that they had under­stood enough of what they had witnessed to know that I was not their enemy. The silver coated wolf padded up to me and lay down, its tongue hanging out.

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Book Review: The Accidental Alchemist by Gigi Pandian

Urban Fantasy is an extremely popular genre and one that supports quite a range of styles. With The Acci­dental Alchemist Gigi Pandian may have come up with an entirely new sub-genre, or at least one I was not previ­ously familiar with. It is part mystery, part recipe book! I'm exag­ger­ating here, but only slightly. The book is a light-hearted one that certainly belongs in the Urban Fantasy fold, though marking itself apart with an absence of were­wolves, vampires or demons.  There is a gargoyle though. A French one. The central and sole view­point char­acter for the story is Zoe Faust, an immortal alchemist (the acci­dental appel­la­tion is explained in the story) who has just moved to Port­land, Oregon.

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What Is The Master Plan?

When I talk about my writing, I keep refer­ring to a master plan. And there really is one. Admit­tedly, it's gone through several refine­ments and will likely go through a few more as things continue. But there is a roadmap that I'm following quite care­fully, and slowly. Plan­ning Around Limi­ta­tions The first thing to under­stand is that this is a project oper­ating under a few of non-negotiable limi­ta­tions. Primarily that it is a hobby and not a profes­sion. This is not my attempt to make writing a primary income source. My advice on that would be signif­i­cantly different.

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TV Review: Gotham S01E09 — Harvey Dent

It's been a while since I checked into Gotham with a review, but I have been watching it every week. The show is more compelling than I would have predicted from the first episode. Why review this partic­ular episode? Well it is called Harvey Dent. And that should catch the atten­tion of anyone with more than a passing famil­iarity with the Batman mythos. Gotham's biggest strength so far has been its cast of actors.  Whether it's Ben McKenzie as the earnest Jim Gordon, Robin Lord Taylor as a perfectly cast Penguin or Donal Logue as a lovably slovenly Harvey Bullock, this is a cast that makes the most of every­thing they're given. The plots them­selves are rela­tively pedes­trian really, but much like with Batman himself it is the cast of char­ac­ters that enlivens things.

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