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Back To The Blog (And Away From Social Networks)

Recently I’ve dramatically cut down on the amount of posting that I’m doing to social networks. There are a number of reasons for that but the biggest amongst them is a feeling that it’s just not serving my needs very well. In truth I’ve been cutting down on my social networking for some time. G+ was really the last hold out where I was very active. Facebook, Twitter etc.



The History of Science Fiction Part 10: 1950 – 1959 (Books)

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series History Of Science Fiction

The 1950s were a peak in American culture in some ways. It was also a time when television was established, radio still had a presence and movies and magazines were still big business. There’s a fair amount of dispute over when the Golden Age of Science Fiction actually ended, but certainly we were still in it at the beginning of the decade. Not only were many of the established writers still publishing furiously, but many new names were coming up and the variety of science fiction being published was about to explode. And it wasn’t just in books and magazines that science fiction was taking off.



TV Review: Doctor Who S08E06 – The Caretaker

This episode of #DoctorWho really didn’t work for me. I had a lot of the same issues with The Caretaker that I had for Robot of Sherwood. Once again there are interesting concepts at play but they get drowned out by the comedy. To make matters worse though while the photography seems like some of the best the series has offered, this time out the design work left something to be desired. The Skovox Blitzer looked and acted like something from the (deliberately) more childish Sarah Jane Adventures and as a result did not muster any actual sense of threat at all.