Black Widow: Marvel is planning a standalone movie | Den of Geek

I'm sure this will make a lot of people online happy anyway. Personally I think there are far more interesting female characters in the Marvel Universe than the perpetually bland Black Widow, a character who basically just seems to be defined by hyper-competent which... isn't actually a personality at all. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige hasn’t left himself a fat lot of wiggle room with his latest answer to the question of a possible Black Widow movie. Since she debuted the character on screen in Iron Man 2, questions have been asked about whether Scarlett Johansson will get to headline her own Marvel feature. And the answer now seems to …Read more  »

Comic Book Review: All New Inhumans #7

Marvel has been trying very hard in the last few years to make The Inhumans a thing. There's a whole corporate politics angle to that and while Marvel won't admit it the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong. Marvel can't use the X-Men characters on screen and recent story developments have turned Inhumans into something that closely resembles Marvel's mutant characters. The push has been a strong one and as well as their regular presence on TV in Agents of SHIELD, they are currently supporting not one but two monthly books. There's a problem with ramming things down the throats of comic book fans though. They are a rather conservative and …Read more  »

The Ultimate Guide to This Summer’s Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

Highlights for me include the return of Person of Interest, The Last Ship and the premiere of Preacher. What catches your interest? bills this as an Ultimate guide but since it only goes up to July 31st they're using a pretty narrow definition of Summer. Ever heard of August guys? Summer always feels so full of things we should be doing, and yet, when there’s so much new television, why should we even bother to leave the house? There’s a bevy of new series about the supernatural, there are some welcome returns, including Mr. Robot. But this summer’s biggest show is the long-awaited Preacher—which better live up to the …Read more  »

Bridging the Gap Between Your Blog and Social Media

This is the first in what I think will be several posts about my efforts to better integrate my content with social networks and make it available wherever people are. Essentially I'm documenting the process as I gradually figure it out, because while a lot has been written on the subject there is no good step by step guide available so like everyone else I have to make it up as I go along. My Blog Setup I run my blog on a self-hosted Wordpress installation. At various points I have considered just going to but I enjoy being able to tinker too much and what's what the self-hosting lets …Read more  »

And the Doctor’s New Companion Is…

We're not straying too far from type here. The Doctor's new companion is still female and young. But if this trailer is anything to go by Bill as played by Pearl Mackie is going to bounce of the Doctor a little differently to the last two. I'm optimistic. I also really like this method of introducing the new companion. Rather than just giving us a press photo we get an idea of how she will act and speak in character.

Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Enabled

My blog now has both Google AMP and Facebook's Instant Articles enabled.  Both of these formats are intended for the mobile web and speed is their main advantage. This is all part of my ongoing (and time consuming) efforts to make my posts as widely accessible as possible though in this case you'll only see the benefits if you're on mobile and using a service that supports it (Facebook for Instant articles and specific links for AMP) AMP was pretty easy to do because there's a Wordpress plugin. It's really basic (no settings at all) and the end result is equally basic with no images, but it is fast. So …Read more  »

Supergirl S01E20 — Better Angels (or How to Make the End of the World Boring)

If you want to know both what is right and wrong with Supergirl then the season one finale is a great summary.  There's some great acting, some decent character moments and yet somehow the show manages to leech all of the drama out of what should have been a tense end of the world scenario. Every time the show sets up something interesting instead of building on it, it falls back on the most clichéd of clichés. When it's not doing the tedious love triangle stuff there's some good relationship and character work in Supergirl. But the credit for that goes almost entirely to the actors who do a remarkable …Read more  »