Are There Aliens In Prometheus Or Not?

More contra­dic­tory quote from Ridley Scott about his not prequel to Alien, Prometheus.

He indi­cates that Guy Pearce's char­acter is a direct connec­tion to the previous Alien movie. Clearly setting this film in the same universe. But then he claims that's the only connec­tion with the previous movie.

What's going on? I have no idea.

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Ridley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus And How He Links The Film To Alien­Ri­dley Scott On Guy Pearce’s Role In Prometheus And How He Links The Film To Alien
I don't know what IC Press is, but it appears to be a version of the AP that serves Hungary. Several websites over there have passed on the same Ridley Scott quote in the last couple of days, all …

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8 thoughts on “Are There Aliens In Prometheus Or Not?”

  1. I'm going to guess that it's a mistrans­la­tion of "a new world" and people are taking it liter­ally as "a universe discon­nected from the previous milieu."

    Because it clearly isn't.

  2. Well I could have sworn I saw an Alien pod-thing like what spits out a larval crea­ture in the first movie in the trailer. A while back I read a leaked summary, which was later disavowed, but every­thing I've read since and seen in the trailer 100% matches it.

    If so, and thus this might be a spoiler, this movie is about how we find some alien arti­facts on Earth and then go exploring, looking for an alien home­world of a race that might have seeded us on Earth only to discover they were destroyed by some bioweapons they created, i.e., the xenomorphs. (Which, frankly, doesn't really sound that exciting because the whole Life Here Began Out There trope has been pretty done to death in my book. If you mash up a little Battlestar Galac­tica with the videogame series Xenogears/Xenosaga, you're right there.)

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