Apple Sues Samsung… Again

I guess the lawyers over at Apple just didn’t have enough on their plate yet. They’ve filed another lawsuit against Samsung. This time over 10 smart­phones including the Galaxy S 2. And yes it’s all over patents.

This must be why Apple needs such a large margin on its products. ;)

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Apple files lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringe­ments
Apple has filed yet another lawsuit against Samsung, this time in Germany and concerning ten smart­phones, including the Galaxy SII.

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12 thoughts on “Apple Sues Samsung… Again”

  1. Apple isn’t the first company Samsung has blatantly ripped off. A few years ago, before they started making iPhone knock offs, Samsung’s top of the line product was a knock off of the Black­Berry called the Black­Jack. Before that it was a Moto RAZR knock off called the A900. Samsung has a long history of looking at the successful prod­ucts truly creative compa­nies are making and then going and making cheaper knock offs of them.

  2. That assumes you believe that their phones are a knockoff of the iPhone. Which I don’t.

    We won’t even start on the “truly creative company” nonsense since neither Black­berry or Apple had an orig­inal product to be ripped off.

  3. The iPhone 3GS is $0 on AT&T. The iPhone 4 is $99 on both AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Yes, that’s with contracts, but that’s the way virtu­ally all consumers purchase phones in the United States. How much cheaper than $0 should Apple go?

  4. Did I ever say my phone was free? My phone cost $199 up front. How much of my month to month bill goes to Apple? I don’t know, and I don’t care. My smart­phone plan costs the same as everyone else’s smart­phone plans on AT&T. If Apple is getting some of the revenue from my contract, and AT&T is keeping all of the revenue from the contracts of folks using non-Apple phones, what does that matter to me?

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