Anyone still want to tell me that 5MP isn't sufficient for a good camera on a…

Anyone still want to tell me that 5MP isn't suffi­cient for a good camera on a phone?

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Androinica » Galaxy Nexus fans: see a taste of the camera’s power with this photo gallery
Curious about the camera quality of the Galaxy S? Here are a few snap­shots to give you a better idea.

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12 thoughts on “Anyone still want to tell me that 5MP isn't sufficient for a good camera on a…”

  1. I don't really care about the MP size. I know that it's actu­ally a rela­tively small factor in the quality of the shot. I just use what­ever comes with the phone I have. I currently have the evo 4g, and it has an 8MP camera. I've used 5MP cell phone cameras though, and I actu­ally thought that the differ­ence in quality between the 8 and the 5 was negligible.

  2. People who think 5MP isn't enough for a sensor that's as tiny as the kind that are in phones just don't know enough about how digital camera tech­nology works.

    5MP is plenty good for taking snap­shots, and image quality will go up not from MP increases, but with better sensor/larger sensor, better optics, and better software.

  3. Actu­ally you could do an 8×10 print and still hit 240DPI which is easily print quality.

    Factor in viewing distance and I'm betting a 13×10 would look just fine assuming the sensor is up to it.

  4. When my camera was 1.3MP, I never had a problem with the quality​.At 3MP I never, ever viewed a picture at full reso­lu­tion unless I was crop­ping it because I wanted a pic of some­thing on the horizon.
    Numbers keep going up, but for most uses, it quickly becomes a bigger number for the sake of being a bigger number. Now maybe if you're actu­ally a photog­raphy enthu­siast, it would be worth getting a camera with better contrast response, more optical zoom, and better optics in general. But just adding pixels?

  5. I would love to see new metrics for camera wars. Super-slo mo, night-vision, infra-red, just to name a few. But the number of consumers who'd care about these things is far fewer than the number of people who walk up to the counter and say "How many megapickels [sic] do I need?"

  6. The camera on my HTC Sensa­tion is fantastic. I am using it more than my point-and-shoot digital camera. Depth of field, colour, speed, touch-focus, blink/smile/face recog­ni­tion all superb. I have printed a few of the photos, some­thing I've never done before with phonecam pictures.

  7. by 'superb depth of field' I assume you mean almost every­thing is always in focus? The smaller the sensor the larger the DoF will be at a given focal length/aperture.

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