Surveying The Battlefield

Amber Waves of Grain

Surveying The BattlefieldOkay well tech­ni­cally it’s just regular grass but work with me here. It’s also actu­ally a Civil War site, but again, let’s not be picky.

This panorama is at Harper’s Ferry National Histor­ical Park, but it’s no at the bit everyone goes to. This is the Murphy-Chambers Farm.

While not nearly as visited as the primary site, it does make an excel­lent walking area with 1 – 3 miles of mostly flat ground (there are a few ravines if you choose to take them).

Amongst other things here you can see the foot­print of the John Brown Fort and a gorgeous vista of the Shenan­doah River.

There are also some earth­works since this is where Confed­erate General A.P. Hill performed his flanking maneuver on the Union forces. 

While I like the scale of this image, I did make a basic error in compo­si­tion which is that I left the horizon close to the middle of the image. I should have either shown less sky and more grass or more sky and less grass.

In my defense it is much harder to compose those elements when taking a series of portrait orien­ta­tion images to stitch into a land­scape panorama.

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