Add An Octopus To Your Hair…

octopus_hairpiece_by_deeed-d7kpqjdHave you ever looked at your­self in the mirror and said… “Self… you’re looking okay, but some­thing is missing!”

If so? Have you consid­ered octopi?

It is scien­tif­i­cally proven that everyone looks better with cephalopod molluscs on their head.*

Clearly this is the thought process that Kristie Williams went through because she then proceeded to design her own Octopus hair­piece. And I’ve got to say the results are quite impressive.

If you’re wondering how exactly Kristie achieved this effect, she also posted a work in process photo which lays it all out.

Source: DeviantArt — Octopus Hairpiece

*May not actu­ally be scien­tif­i­cally proven.

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